Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Seeing God

Have you ever done something for 31 days? If you're a Mom, I know you have...dishes, laundry, diapers! But I'm thinking of something else...have you ever set a goal to do something for 31 days? Perhaps you've wanted to exercise or eat right? Or maybe you wanted to not lose your temper for a month? The options are endless, but personally for the next 31 days on my blog and more importantly in my life I'm on a journey of Seeing God!!

A year ago, I did a series titled 31 days of Who am I? on my blog and the journey was a successful one. As I walked that road there were some twists and turns at times I went in a direction I didn't expect, but as the month came to a close I was blessed by the road I had traveled. I believe this journey will be the same.

Some things I expect as I look ahead: as I seek God I will see Him. When I see Him, I will hear from Him. When I hear from Him, I will get to know Him more. I truly believe my faith will grow. I expect to see Him in familiar ways and in familiar places but also trust there will be some surprises. I hope to include my children on this journey and would love to have them share with you as well. My prayer is my sighting of God will bless you, but more importantly I pray they will encourage you to look for God with more intentionality in your own life as well!!

So for today...

A visual look at seeing God: currently in Iowa the leaves are beautiful and so are my children! Today I'll start simple and share a pic of God as our creator and giver! He has created a beautiful world for us to enjoy and given us loved ones, who may at moments drive us crazy, but in reality bless our lives just by being a part of it!!

Today friend can I encourage you to see God!! Look for Him in the beauty around you or in the smiles of the ones you love! If you have a minute, I'd love to hear where you saw Him today, so leave a comment to share your sighting as well!!

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  1. :) I love this. 31 Days of Seeing God. This weekend I saw His love for me through my husband, and how he worked hard to move Lauren out of the "baby" room in our house (smallest room) into a larger one. That way she could have more room now that she is bigger, AND he wanted to make the other room an office for me.

    My heart is overwhelmed by that room and the love it speaks. I painted it this weekend and we shuffled around some item being a desk someone just recently gave me just because she felt led to by the Lord. Jason trusted me to paint trees on one wall of it...and oh, my little heart is just so full.

    Blessings to you on your 31 day journey, friend. Love you bunches,