Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days - What am I looking for?

Typically I am not a visual person. I've always loved sunsets, but aside from that I really didn't notice the beauty of the world around me very often. Honestly that's one of the reasons I think God put this series on my heart...I've often heard from Him, but looking for Him with my eyes hasn't always been the case.

After 7 days of praying, "God help me to see you today" I've been amazed at how I am seeing the beauty that surrounds me in so many different ways and places. For instance, last week my kids brought home about 30 pumpkins and you want to know my initial thought? The first thing that crossed my mind - here's one more thing sitting around that eventually we'll have to clean up.

Then a few days later I'm visiting with a friend and she is seeing God as she looks at the pumpkins. She shares things like, "I just love looking at all the different pumpkins. Their shape and size, it's just amazing how God does that." That is so true and I've missed so much by not looking for Him in the world around me.

I'm grateful He's using this journey to change that...this past weekend I was driving and found myself praising God as I observed the changing colors, falling leaves and beautiful sky.

At the same time, I was listening...the way I often experience God, and heard a song I've heard numerous times over the years. A line in the song really hit me. The song was "Open the Eyes of My Heart" perhaps you've heard it and sang it yourself.

The words that caught my attention were: "I want to see You." The music continued but my mind paused as I thought that's right, I do, I want to SEE Him.

Then I started listening again and heard Micheal W. Smith say, "To see You high and lifted up. Shining in the light of your glory." That is it friend, that is what we are looking for!

The thing is we can see that glory in nature; like my friend said, "God didn't have to make the trees different or the leaves change colors, but He did." And friend, He doesn't have to glorify Himself thru us, but He can! Perhaps someone out there is needing to see God, won't you let Him work thru you so they can see Him?!

Today I ask you: What are you looking for? Are you waiting to see a beautiful sunset? Or that perfect smile on your child's face? Don't simply look for something that is worthy of a picture, but instead open your eyes to see the ONE who is worthy of our praise!!

He is Him...pray and ask Him to open the eyes of your blessed by His glory!!

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