Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days - What I've learned...

I can't believe the month is over...really it seems like I just started this 31 day journey! Though the page on the calendar is turning I pray my intentionality of looking for God will continue. I hope I will hold onto the lessons I have learned.

So today I want to take a minute and think about what He's been teaching as I've been looking -

* I will find what I'm looking for. I've seen God at work and noticed the beauty of creation, but after 31 days of intentionally looking for Him I am reminded that I need to open my eyes and in my head I need to know what it is I expect to see. That doesn't mean life will be easy or the picture I see pretty, but if I set out expecting to see God in it, I will. His hand is in everything. I know I want to live to see it.

* I don't just see with my eyes. God is different than man...He is invisible so obviously I can't see Him with my eyes. But friend I can see evidence of Him around and so can you! But we also see with the eyes of our heart and the pictures our heart captures are better than those a camera will ever take. Oh how I long to see Him more with my heart!

* Sometimes I might not like what I see. I'll have to admit this lesson has surprised me a bit or at least it wasn't one I expected. Over the last 30 days I have seen God in many, many good ways - blessing me, creating beauty around me, loving me and others, working in ways that amaze me and the list goes on. But I have to confess some of the things I've seen Him doing have been hard to observe and harder yet to endure. You see I've seen Him working in me, changing me, changing relationships and I don't know about you, but for me change is hard. There are times I don't want to let go, I don't want to step out. I don't want to be molded or chiseled, but that's what I see Him doing. Today my 7 year old daughter was learning to borrow and she didn't like what she was seeing - it was hard, she was frustrated, she didn't think it made sense, but as her teacher I know. I see the big picture - I know there's purpose and friend God does too! He sees the big picture and knows how His plan will unfold and though it may be hard to believe in the long term it's for our good.

* I see Him when I reflect. When life is hard and times are dark, I know it can be hard to see God, even though I know He's there. In moments like that I've been reminded to reflect, to look back at where I've been and see how God was with me too. My flashback Fridays have been good for me - remembering what God has done and where He's brought me from builds my faith and encourages my heart. It reminds of His presence and leaves me looking for Him again.

I'd love to hear from you...what's God taught you this month? Or as you look for Him what have you been learning?

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