Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Have you ever been noticed?

Have you ever been knee deep in laundry while constantly changing diapers and cleaning up endless messes? I have. Have you ever done the daily monotonous tasks and wonder if it really even makes a difference? Me too. Have you ever been the friend (or parent or spouse) investing in a relationship and wonder if she (or he) even knows the time and energy you devote? Been there too.

Actually, I was there the other day and God brought to mind a story from this summer. Back in July, I attended the Proverbs 31 She Speaks conference and I was blessed by numerous speakers. Every session I attended could have easily been the keynote speech at other conferences, so you might be surprised when I tell you about one of the times God spoke the loudest.

Saturday afternoon, Lysa TerKeurst had a book signing and I'd picked up a copy of UNGLUED for a friend, so thought I'd surprise her with a personal note from Lysa. I didn't realize God had a personal message for me!

I handed Lysa the book and she said, "Hi. I saw you at breakfast, but didn't get a chance to say hello. How are you? How are all your kids?" I answered her questions, but honestly I was surprised. I was thinking, she remembers me? You see, two years ago I was part of a leadership team that invited Lysa to speak at our retreat, but there are countless other women who've done the same thing. I honestly didn't expect her to remember me.

As our conversation came to a close, I found myself replaying her words. Now if this would have happened five years ago, I would have been star struck with the whole situation, but this time that wasn't a big deal. I just saw further evidence that Lysa is the real deal.

Though that is the truth it's not the point of this post...you see as I reflected on the words she shared, God whispered to my heart, "Jill, I see you too." Friend, at that moment I can't explain the peace those words brought to me. I was in a room with 650 other women who love Him, serve Him and want His attention. I'm not sure how your mind works, but at times mine can wonder. Does what I do really matter? Does He even see what I'm doing? This summer in North Carolina God reminded He sees me and my efforts do matter. Friend, I hope and pray you hear Him whispering the same to you!

Perhaps a national speaker has noticed you, but the only ONE who matters sees you right now!! That my friend is a BIG deal because God, our Father, our Creator and our Lord is the real deal!! So whether you are in the midst of hundreds doing what you do or by yourself doing what will all too quickly be undone trust me on this - HE sees and it matters!

Something to think about - How does knowing God sees you affect your thoughts and/or actions?


  1. There's nothing more exciting than knowing that He knows us, every part of us. He sees, he hears our prayers. He reads everything we write and even knows our thoughts. He knows the good and bad, and yet He still loves us, perfectly. It's true that what we do matters, because WE matter to Him. Love that!

  2. This is so good! It truly is heart thrilling when He whispers to us so tenderly. I am so thankful He sees me...and as Rachel mentioned, that He still loves me even though He sees it ALL! :)