Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days - In the details...

Yesterday our little guy celebrated his 3rd birthday and everyone in the family was excited for this special day. I saw glimpses of God from morning to night and today I want to share one of them.

Little Jaylyn was up early and wanted to help prepare the traditional birthday breakfast. She put a balloon on the back of her little brother's chair, helped mix the pancakes and began setting the table.

I'd handed her a stack of plates and she began putting them on everyone's place; before she set Jed's down she held it up for me to see. In her soft little voice she said, "Look Mom, I'm giving Jed the heart plate because it's his birthday and we want him to know we love him."

I'm not sure my new 3 year old picked up on that or even saw the heart on his plate, but I saw God in the whole situation. I was touched by Jaylyn's compassion and then reminded of God's attention to detail.

He whispered to my heart, "You are impressed with a 5 year old's ability to select a certain plate, but remember I know the number of hairs on your head." (Luke 12:7) He also knows the plans He has for me. And friend those aren't just the BIG plans...He knows it ALL.

But sometimes, actually more times than I want to admit or even realize, I'm like my son. The little boy who was so busy this morning and focused on everything but the plate that was in front of him, that he doesn't even see the love someone is trying to pour out on him. And if that hadn't blinded him, the pancakes covered with syrup and whip cream would have.

I too can pile my plate so full of that I don't even know what's on it and distractions can make me lose focus in a real hurry. Sometimes I miss God in the details. Friend, I don't know about you, but today I want to slow down and see God placing the heart plate in front of me!!

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  1. Love it! I KNOW I need to slow down and allow myself to see the love He pours out daily.

    I just love how He speaks. :) Great reminder, friend!