Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days - Seeing Clearly

Yesterday morning my husband was up and got our little guy out of the crib; I was still in bed, but from what I could see my big guy and little man were enjoying a precious moment. It was then I said, "It's times likes this I wish I didn't have glasses."

I could see them vaguely but I knew there were details in the picture I was missing because of my cloudy vision.

As I thought about this my thoughts went a bit deeper. I don't need glasses to see God, but week 1 of this 31 day journey is showing me something. Just like I physically have to put my glasses on if I want to see clearly, I must intentionally look for God if I want to see Him fully.

How do I look for God intentionally you might ask. I honestly believe it begins with prayer...each day this week I have asked God to help me see Him and He has. Remember Monday's begins with seeking Him? God has confirmed those words time and time again this week.

Another part of the process? Get in the Word...if you or I don't know who we are looking for chances are we are not going to find Him!! We need to know God if we want to see Him. And the better I know Him the more He will make Himself known.

So today I challenge you to begin your day with prayer and the Word and then by the time it comes to an end you will have seen Him! And friend seeing Him is precious even when my vision isn't perfect!!

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  1. Yes! My prayer has been for the Lord to give me eyes to see Him, ears to hear Him, and hands and feet quick to obey Him.

    Blessings, dear friend!