Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days - In my life...

The other night I had a visit with a friend, one in which she shared about her day. A day a big event was held, Truth was spoken, women were encouraged, hearts were touched and God was glorified. The event she was referring to was one I've attended for the last 3 years, one I helped organize in its first 2 years and one God put on my heart many years ago.

The praise reports she shared were powerful and I was grateful, but part of me was sad...sad I couldn't be there. Disappointed I couldn't see some of the women I've come to know thru the years. As these feelings of disappointment and sadness rose to the surface I began to question if I'd heard wrong.

You see I'd been praying about attending over the last few months, but the door never opened. As my friend's excitement and enthusiasm came thru the phone I thought, "Maybe I was supposed to be there."

I put all this thinking aside and listened to my friend share. We went on to have a wonderful conversation - one that truly blessed me. It left me reflecting about so many things and helped me see God in a few different ways.

One, I saw God in my past...this conversation stirred up memories from years ago when God led me to step out and do what seemed crazy. Though I thought it was impossible, He has shown me HE is the GOD of possible!!

Two, I saw God in the "No's"...not always a fun place to be - saying no or hearing no, but God is in it. He knew where I needed to be on Saturday. Two years ago He knew I needed to say, "No" and step away from the Rise and Shine leadership team. But He's also reminded me when I say "No" to one thing, I'm freeing myself up to say, "Yes" to God's thing.

Which leads me to three, I saw God in my friendship...though the retreat would have been a blessing and He would have used it in my life, the phone call and heart to heart with my friend was what I needed and where I saw Him.

Friend, can I encourage you today - sometimes we have to say "no" to what is good so we can experience what is God's best.

And God, the one who was part of your past, wants you to see Him today and trust Him with the plans He has for your tomorrow!!

On a side note - Kimberly is the winner of Letters from Leanne - I pray you will see God's story as you read mine!!

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  1. :) So excited to read your book! Thank you, Jill!

    And it is so hard sometimes to hear His "no", especially in moving away from something we loved doing. I still feel an ache from time to time over not being involved in MOPS anymore. But I know it was for a specific season and where He has me now is good. I can trust His plans and I really do want to be in His will.

    Love your continual heart of surrender. :)