Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"In My Arms"

My baby is growing up, but the other day it was just him and me in the house. He woke from a nap, early and a little unsettled, so we sat in the chair. I shared gentle words and he calmed down. Time ticked away, a load of unfolded laundry sat in front of me and a counter of dirty dishes were behind me, but we were still and there was peace.

I rocked my little man and thought about much...the amazing impact of a Mother's arms, the joy in being still and the love of family. Like I said my little man is growing up and honestly I don't remember the last time I just rocked him, snuggled and enjoyed the moment. I thought, why don't I take more time to do this? 

As I pondered this question, God asked me another one, "Jill, why don't you take more time to sit with me? Jesse needed your comfort and oftentimes you need the same. Don't get so caught up in all you have to do that you miss time with me and the ones you love."

In the days that have passed, He's reminded me of this moment and brought a few simple words to mind. Friend, no matter your struggle or need take a minute and let His arms embrace you. Being in my arms made a difference for my little man and being in His will do the same for you!

A Mother says to her son,
"In my arms,
you are safe and secure.
You find comfort and rest.
You feel love and peace."

The Father says to His daughter,
"Call for me and I will come.
I'll hold you and
you'll experience the same...
in My arms."

I'm a little late, but Julie Sunne is the winner of Unglued! I'll be in touch! I'm praying this book blesses you!! Trusting it will!!

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  1. Thanks, Jill, excited to win the Lysa's book. I definitely need the encouragement! Your words today are also quite applicable to my days. Needing to just rest in Him, each and every day. Thanks for this great reminder.