Monday, July 14, 2008

"A Step Ahead"

"A Step Ahead"
The places you've been
are on the road I'm walking.
You've done the things,
I need to do.
You've passed the test
I'm preparing for.
You're a step ahead...
You've reached the goals
I'm beginning to set.
You've succeeded with challenges
I have yet to face.
You've answered the questions
I'm beginning to ask.
You're a step ahead...
The stories you tell
are ones I have yet to live.
You've experienced things
I someday will.
You've even made mistakes,
and now keep me from doing the same.
You're a step ahead...
The example you set
shows me how to live.
The advice you give
guides me through the day.
The words you share
put things in perspective.
You're a step ahead...
I'm thankful for where you're at -
You prepare me
for the future.
You teach me
how to be a parent.
You point me
to our Father.
I pray you'll always be
A Step Ahead!
The other day I wrote about being a true role model - one who not only sets an example, but shares their faith as well. Those thoughts led to ones about the steps I am following, I'm grateful for the Godly Titus 2 women who are showing me the way. My prayer is all of us will take that influence and pass it to the next generation.


  1. Jill this is amazing! There's such depth to this writing. Wonderful!

    I'm so glad that Jesus walks before me and is always "A Step Ahead".

  2. Great post. Mentoring is so very important and your writing says it all.
    Many blessings dear one!