Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Reason for the Storm"

“Reason for the Storm”
The sky is dark,
A storm is taking place.
The pain is real and
The suffering hurts.
The difficulties can’t be understood
And the struggles result in sadness.
Questions go unanswered and
Trials put you to the test.
The road isn’t easy,
But the walk has a reason.

God is in control and
His plan is perfect.
He gives and takes away,
He has a purpose for it all.
He can take the bad and
Use it for His good.

God knows during the rain,
We always look for
The Son!


  1. How true. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on TSMS Saturday post. God bless you.

  2. Amen. The Lord doesn't always cause all of the storms...I'd say mostly He doesn't. However, the beauty is He makes good out of the storms. He gives reason for the storm. I believe at the end of every storm we will see the reason....and that is, to become more and more like Christ in character.

    Jill, I've read over several of your posts. They are all very enjoyable. Many things of which I could comment but no time. But I have read several and skimmed many others.

    How exciting about your book. Do not fear. The Lord gave you the words and now have peace. I often wondered what people would think about my blog and all my ramblings. Would people think I'm trying to be preachy or a holy roller? Would anyone think my writings are good? Would anyone gain anything spiritual from them?

    If your book reaches and touches only ONE person, is it not worth it? I know these book comments are not meant for this post on storms but I'm commenting in regards to your post on or around Sept. 15th. Trust the Lord. Please have NO fear over your book being published. Really, WHAT do you have to lose? NOTHING. However, you never know years from know who will pick up your book and gain from it. It may be passed on, laying in someone's attic (of course after having read it) and a granddaughter or daughter picks it up as she's cleaning the attic. Don't put God in a box. He gave you the heart and the words to share. Now, He's giving you the publisher to make it known to all. HE will continue and make a way for many to read and relish from your words. Trust Him. Go forward with no fear.
    Love in Him,