Monday, July 28, 2008

Raising Godly Sons

Once again it is Monday, time for a meeting at the Well. Today, Lori at All You Have to Give is hosting the conversation and the topic of discussion is "Raising Godly Sons." Titus 2:6 says, "In the same way, encourage the young men to live wisely in all they do."

Honestly thoughts of Titus 2 quickly bring to mind the idea of women training women, so it's a wonderful reminder to think about the influence our example has on men as well, our sons in particular.

As I read the questions Lori posed, I was more excited to read the answers than share some of my own. As a girl who grew up with 2 sisters and primarily babysat girls, my knowledge and experience with boys was limited as a child. So needless to say the birth of our son five years ago also marked the start of a real learning experience...

We hear people say boys and girls are different and now with 2 daughters of my own, I see that lived out daily. Though the sexes are very, very different I believe the foundation for raising Godly children is similar...

Like some of the ladies have mentioned there is insurmountable power in prayer. I don't know how many times I've heard someone say, "The only thing I can do is pray." I believe it's not the only thing, it's the best thing. My son is growing and changing and even the other day I said to a friend, "I wonder what things will be like when he's a teenager?" Honestly sometimes I don't just wonder, I worry!! That's where prayer comes in - though he's just weeks away from his first day of school, we are already praying about his first date, his first big game, his first job, everything. We are trying to put it all in God's hands now - as the saying goes it's better to be proactive than reactive.

As we do this, we don't just pray as a couple or me by myself, but include J.D. in our times of prayer as well. I guess part of the training involves letting your child see you walk the walk - our prayer is they will see how important this is to us and want it for themselves. Another prayer - they will make their faith their own.

Another area I feel is critical to establish in the younger years is communication. Trust me I know conversation with a 5 year old isn't always the type of conversing we are looking for, but we can't expect our child to just come talk to us when they are ready to have a deep conversation in their teenage years. Just like our friendships, our relationships with our children are built over time. Even though J.D. is only 5 we have had some wonderful talks, especially at bed time when life slows down and I make myself available. These times not only build relationships, but they are a wonderful opportunity to plant seeds that I pray will grow into truths that carry him thru life.

Finally for me, the third critical element in raising Godly sons comes back to Titus 2. Women who are a step ahead of me in raising Godly sons have been a huge source of encouragement and wisdom. They have walked the walk and their willingness to share from the good and bad have given me insight. Their words remind that it's never easy, but we grow thru the pain; though mistakes are made, children are forgiving and tomorrow is a new day; and raising Godly children is the biggest assignment God has given us, but He doesn't intend for us to go alone - He is there to help!

So as we enter a new stage of our son's life, prayer will be constant, communication critical and wisdom from my mentors craved.


  1. Such a very wonderful post, praying that you will be sweetly blessed.

  2. That was a very heartfelt post. Oh I remember when my son was 5! :) He wanted to marry me back then, hee hee. I too keep reading over and over about prayer, and how true that is. Now that my son is away from home, I pray for him even more, because he is out there in this big scary world with all those influences surrounding him. This thought came to my mind - wouldn't it be awesome if every woman at Titus 2 took a moment today to pray for all of us who are posting about our sons - wow! the prayers that would go up to heaven for those boys would be like shouts of angels! :)
    Have a blessed day.

  3. Yes! These are great words. I can't tell you the blessing that having a woman in my life that has "been there done that" with her own children, has been to me. Being open to hearing correction and advice is so important!

    Thanks for sharing At the Well today!

  4. Very insightful! Great to see you At the Well today!

  5. Awesome advice! Communication becomes SO important the older they get.

    I have 2 sons- 12 and 5. It is so amazing to see the infuence the older has on the younger. AND, how fast Andrew went from 5 to 12!!

    Great post. Blessings!

  6. Yes, He is our help, our very present help in raising everything we do!

    He's my hope as a mom who wants her sons to know Him!


  7. Thank you so much for sharing at the well with us today..I LOVE how you include your son already in your prayers...I think that's great for him to hear your heart for him....

    We have to pray is a battle for these boys...and watching women who have gone before us is such a gift!!
    thanks for meeting today!

  8. Yes, it is our biggest assignment, and you have reminded me just how serious it is. We must be intentional, and that word is spelled out all throughout this post. You have great insights for all!

  9. thank you for sharing with us AT THE WELL, and you have the exact foundation in place ...prayer. May God bless you and your family. -blessings, Laurie

  10. You brought up a very good point and that is that communication begins early. We may not always think that some of our conversations with little ones amount to much. But the fact that it's communication is important.

    Thanks for sharing!