Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bible Study Girl

Various readings and situations have me thinking about the ideal Bible study girl. I think we can each picture her and if we are honest, have at some point tried to be her. I know I have, but as I think about this I'm convinced there is so much more. And as I move away from trying to be somebody I will never be, it's not only for my own good, but others as well.

Lysa TerKeurst is one who triggered some thoughts about this topic as she shared about a book she is currently working on "Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl." I can't wait to read it - her words always inspire me and what a wonderful topic to consider.

Then last night at Bible study discussion came to this very topic as we discussed our fear of what others think and living up to unrealistic expectations. One girl mentioned how that not just sets us up for failure, but can drown others' hope as well. When we appear to walk the perfect walk, live the perfect life and come from a perfect family others may wonder what they are lacking or question where they went wrong. We all know that's not the influence God wants us to have on others.

So as thoughts lingered my mind came up with this,

"Bible Study Girl"
She comes to class
dressed in her best
with a smile on her face
and shares blessings from her day.
She recites the verses
and offers answers that are deep.
From the outside it seems
she has it all together,
but inside she struggles too.
There is pain from her past
and grief from what's been lost.
At times she doubts what she's called to do
and even fears what lies ahead.
As she studies, she learns
"People don't need a perfect person,
it's the real ME,
they need to see."
She becomes transparent
and leads in a way others can follow.
The Bible study girl grows up
and becomes a woman of faith.


  1. Wow!!! That is a great poem. Thank you so much for taking time to let me read it.

    Did you write it?

    Sounds like your Bible Study had some great insights last night. I'd love to hear more...

  2. Great Post Jill,
    I am right there with you... the need to be real. The world doesn't need perfect people... they need a perfect Savior.

    This is where I am in my walk. I have given up the act and started being the person that I really am. I feel a lot better.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us.