Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Audience

Last night as we sat down for supper, we had two guests. Former basketball players I had coached dropped by to visit and catch up. My husband asked Joy, our 3 year old, "What do you want to pray?"

"Praise Him," she says, like she always does.

I have moved past the fear of praying in front of others, but this wasn't just praying - it was singing. For a side note, my dad and I use to joke - "yeah, we can sing like a bird, a dead one!" So not sure if that fear will ever come to pass, but you can't stop a 3 year old who loves to sing praises and prayers!

We all survived and I heard no comments about my singing ability or lack there of, but as the night came to a close Job asked, "Why were you so nervous when we prayed?"

I said, "I don't like singing in front of people."

He simply responded, "They are not our audience."

Wow, that was a simple but powerful response. One I'm afraid I need to hear more often. It's so easy to get caught up in what other's will think, but ultimately it's not their opinion that matters.

Honestly what better way for me to share my faith with these young ladies, who are following in my steps, than by living it out - without fear.

God is the audience, no one else's opinion matters. His approval is all I need. Sure my singing might cause someone to laugh and stepping out of my comfort zone may cause others to think I'm crazy or too religious, but am I willing to trade that for pleasing God?

Sure going with the flow may keep the peace or temporarily help a relationship, but it in the end it does nothing. Nothing for the ones who are watching, nothing for me and especially nothing for God.

He is my audience and one day I want to hear Him say, "Well done good and faithful servant." He won't be talking about my singing, but obedience.


  1. AMEN! So true. I feel the same way about my cooking. I'm always embarrassed to have people over, because I'm not a great cook; furthermore, I have problems timing the meal just right and getting everything to come out at the same time. Not very put together that way. But the Lord continues to resonate the theme of accepting and being content with the way I'm wired, reminding me to just try and put it all out there. Hopefully, in the end, all they'll see is Him anyway.

    Great post!!!

  2. What a beautiful story. I feel your pain, though! I have always been very self-conscious. But God works these things out in His time. Good for you for being faithful, despite your anxiety!