Thursday, July 10, 2008

No Guarantees

With the unexpected passing of a young man in the community and the accidental death of a 3 year old in our neighborhood, I have been reminded of the fact that there are no guarantees.

We have no idea what tomorrow will bring or even the next moment, which can be a depressing fact if we dwell on it.

But over the last couple of days, God hasn't allowed the circumstances to bring me down. Yes there is grief and feelings of sympathy for those who lost loved ones all too soon, but He has used this to motivate me.

Situations I don't understand often remind me that I am not the one in control. God has the ultimate plan, though we didn't expect these deaths at all, He knew and though we don't know who will be the next child He calls home, He does.

My thought lately has been, "will that person be ready?" Again I don't know, but God does. I can't control who it will be or know if they are prepared, but God has given me a purpose - I need to share my faith with them. Sometimes it's with actions, but lately God is calling me to use words.

What is He calling you to do? Or say? Do it today as there are no guarantees for tomorrow.


  1. God has been speaking to me in much the same way. I seem to be looking at people around me more through His eyes. I have been in high gear praying for others as never before.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. A tragic reminder. I am so sorry for your community going through this grief. It is never easy. I will pray for those who are hurting. And, yes, you have me thinking about living today passionately.