Sunday, July 27, 2008

Along for the Ride

Departing for a trip into unfamiliar territory can be scary! You’re not sure what lies ahead – twists and turns, hills and valleys, fresh starts and dead ends. It’s beneficial to have a passenger who can help and often times life is the same – it’s a journey without a map and one we don’t want to make alone…

I was headed down the dead-end street when my traveling partner joined me for the ride of my life. Her initial impact was remarkable as her words and shared faith helped me turn around and avoid the ditch of depression. She played a role in my life continuing, rather than it coming to a sudden stop.

She didn’t wave good-bye once I headed in the right direction, but instead packed her bags and continued on the ride. As I rounded some curves, she remained available and offered advise about new jobs and my role as a wife.

The journey went on and when there were bumps on the road she was approachable. I went to her with doubts, fears and pain; her honesty and guidance gave me direction when life was difficult.

Once carseats became part of the adventure her personal experience proved valuable. Her stories from days gone by reminded me I wasn’t alone in my struggles.

At times the bumps became valleys – as she dealt with death, she taught me about life. It is not a race! The time we have with loved ones is limited; we need to share our faith. If we want to leave the valley, we need the peace that only hope provides.

Some times the road has been smooth and it’s then she reminds me to be thankful and appreciate the view. But when traffic gets bad, she encourages me to be patient and let His plan unfold.

Other times the journey becomes an uphill climb, so as I struggle to take a step, her support and example move me ahead.

There have even been times I’ve reached a crossroads. When I didn’t know which way to turn, her insights and wisdom helped point me in the right direction.

The journey isn’t over and the path is still unknown, so my traveling partner is a constant necessity. As the seasons change potholes will return, valleys and hills will reappear and someday instead of buckling carseats I’ll be handing over the keys. I’m thankful my friend is along for the ride!

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