Monday, October 3, 2011

"Who am I?" - Where do I begin??

As I was thinking about the month long commitment I've made to ponder the question, "Who am I?", I had one thought where do I begin? It was then Genesis 1:1 came to mind and my mind focused on these 5 words, "In the beginning God created..."

The word created jumps out at me and reminds me of my little Joy, who is constantly being creative. Her skills are improving with each passing year, but I remember the times when I'd look at her drawings and ask, "Tell me about this." Those words were the result of me not knowing what she had created. Though I couldn't always see what she had made, she could tell me exactly what it was.

Friends, God is the same way. He is the One who created us, He knew my days, and yours, before they even began. (Psalm 139:16) He is the One who can tell us who we are!!

Let's turn to Him and ask Him, who He sees when He looks at us? He knows the truth! Let's do that today!! Please feel free to share what He puts on your heart and lets encourage one another with the picture He gives to us!

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