Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Who am I?" - Using the past for the present...

In March of 1976, a child was born, she was the daughter of Dan and Judy. In the years to come she became a sister to Jamie and Jenny. She would spend her time as a student and athlete, then later as a teacher and coach. In 2001, she became a wife and a couple of years later she was blessed to be a Mom.

These words sum up my life in a few short phrases, but the other day I was thinking how I could write another bio. It goes something like this -

In December of 1999, a child was reborn, she is the daughter of the King of Kings. She's been blessed with many sisters (and brothers too) in the family of God. She spends her time as a student of the Word and she walks in faith like an athlete who strives for their goals while pressing through the pain. As a woman of faith, she is called to teach others about the Lord she loves. Though she no longer keeps a record of wins and losses in a way, she's still a coach as she sets an example for the eyes that are watching. One day she will take part in another wedding when she becomes the bride of Christ. As a Mom, she not only nurtures her children physically and emotionally, but spiritually as well.

How about you, how has God used who you were to prepare you for who you would become?? Are there any roles from your past that you still play but perhaps in a different way??

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