Friday, October 21, 2011

Interruption of the 31 Day Journey

As many of you know this month on my blog I'm taking part in the "31 days of" series. I had planned to look at the idea of identity everyday of October and write about it on my blog, but this journey has been interrupted.

Life happened, there was the usual, cooking, cleaning, schooling and laundry, but we also had the stomach flu, so there was less cooking but more cleaning and laundry!! That's not all that was lacking - there was less sleep and less energy. Then as everyone was regaining their strength, I found myself in the Dr.'s office with an infection. Honestly it was a rough week, but that's not why you are here, so now back to our previously scheduled program -

During this time away from my blog, I've continued to think about the question, "Who am I?" And this morning as I was beating myself up for failing and not following through with this series, I was reminded of the importance of where I find the answer.

You see, sometimes when that question forms in my mind, the answers I hear aren't always good. I can tell myself, "I'm no good. I'm a failure. God can't use me. I'll never be good enough." The list goes on, but I'm sure you get the idea.

Today though as I tried to sort this out in my mind it was as if God whispered to me, "Jill ask me who you are." Then I turned from the lies and doubts to hear His truth - words like chosen, loved, gifted, valued and beautiful came to mind. Words that are good because He is good.

Friend, I've failed, but we all do and like I use to tell my basketball girls, failure isn't in the falling down, it's in the staying down. Today will you join me as we continue to let God define us and wipe yourself off, get up again and seek Him as we journey on. Praying I will be back tomorrow to share more of what He has put on my heart.

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  1. Sweet, beautiful, chosen friend...I am so glad your heart was tuned in to hear His whispers...His reminders of who you REALLY are. :)

    I am so sorry about all of the yuckiness in your house!!!! Praying for complete healing and for some good REST!

    I have had some chances to turn to HIS definition of me this week, too. So thankful for His whispers. For His love. So thankful we are chosen and His and totally usable.

    Love you!