Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4 - Me, A Sheep??

Growing up I lived on a farm where we raised sheep. I've fed them, helped shear them and trained them for the fair. Recently, I've helped care for orphan lambs once again as every spring my dad gives a few of them to my children. I guess you could say I have some experience with this cute, woolly animal!

In pictures this four legged creature is cute and in real life they can appear sweet and innocent, but from experience I know they are not the smartest animal. Nor are they brave. And compared to other livestock, they aren't the strongest either.

So when I read God's word looking for an answer to my question and He tells me, "I am the sheep of His pasture" (Psalm 100:3), I stop and wonder a bit. Me, a sheep? Really??

I type these words and can hear the comedian Ken Davis saying something about sports teams and how we've all heard of the Bears, Wildcats or Gators, but never the Sheep!!

But as I think about the sheep I've cared for over the years - the timid, weak, not always wise woolly animals who are usually quick to follow, but rarely lead I realize He's right (isn't He always!!), I am a sheep!! And friend, if you're looking to Him for answers, He'll tell you the same thing!!

Rather than focusing on what this says about us, let's take a minute and remember what it says about HIM!! If I am a sheep, HE is my shepherd!! He will provide. It's Him I can follow. He will protect. My shepherd will take care of me!!

Though we won't be cheering for the Sheep this weekend at the game, I'm thankful for this answer to my question! I never thought I'd define myself in this way, but since God's ways are not mine, He did! There is a reason, He knows anyone can look at a sheep and see they depend on their shepherd and that's exactly what He created us to do with Him.

So friend, what do you think? Do you see yourself adding this to your bio?? Even if you don't share it out loud when someone asks, "Who are you?" I pray you spend sometime thinking about what God means when He calls you His sheep!!

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