Monday, August 25, 2008

Today is the day...

Wow, today is the day, the day my first born starts kindergarten!! I can't believe it. We've been talking about and preparing for this for quite sometime, but last night when I actually verbalized the words, "J.D. starts kindergarten tomorrow!" I finally realized my little man is growing up and the next season is about to begin.

As I shared this emotion with my husband, he reminded me, "It's only kindergarten." That's true, he won't graduate tomorrow, and as his teacher I'm sure some days won't go fast enough!! But still this marks the beginning of an era.

He is growing up, something I know he needs to do, but it's hard to think about all that lies ahead. Today he's starting school, next he'll be reading on his own, then he'll be playing football and someday he'll be interested in girls!!! Yikes!!

And as he learns new things, I'm reminded I must do the same - one of the lessons I'll constantly be working on is letting go. If I want him to mature and become a solid young man, I need to gradually loosen the reigns, let him learn on his own and sometimes even suffer the consequences.

All of these thoughts of what lies ahead, not only remind me of the need to let go, but also solidify the idea that though J.D.'s my son, ultimately he is God's child. What a blessing to see him grow and be there as his mom to guide him as he does.

Today is the day...not just the one that marks the start of kindergarten, but one that serves as a reminder that children truly are a gift from the Lord!!

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  1. This is beautiful and AMEN on that last sentence! :)