Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Greatest Honor

Last night at Bible study we were talking about sin - the seriousness of it and the way it should make us feel. That is some pretty heavy stuff, but it was followed up with how gracious and forgiving our Father really is. We are actually working thru a video series hosted by Anne Graham Lotz. Crawford Lorrits and Henry Blackaby join her in presenting the lessons.

As they came to the end of their discussion they addressed the idea of what to do with the guilt we carry because of our sin. One of them said, "The greatest honor we can give God is to believe Him." Wow, that is a statement that speaks volumes.

Not just in regards to sin, but my life in general. I am one to worry all too often - be it about money, what other's think, the future, the list goes on.... But as I do that I know I am doubting God and that is a sin in itself. So when life throws a curve ball and plans don't go the way I have drawn them up, what do I do?

All too often my answer is wrong as I take things into my own hands and worry about all that I can't do. If I'd simply surrender it to God and believe, things would be better, maybe not easier, but there would be peace.

So as I sat there last night in the midst of a struggle with worries about the unknown I was reminded what I needed to do - believe. God has a reason for the storms, the unexpected struggles, everything and it's not my place to figure it out. At times things don't make sense, but His word tells us - He works all things together for good. Now that is a thought to dwell on rather than worrying about what lies ahead.

"The Greatest Honor"
"Lord, how can I honor you?
Lead a Bible study?
Start a mom's group?
Teach Sunday school?
Love my family?
Be a friend?
If that's not it,
what can I do?"

"Believe - when circumstances make no sense.
Believe - when the future is unknown.
Believe - when the world says doubt.
Believe - when the pain is impossible.
Believe - when my plans aren't what you expect.
My child the things you do
bring me glory,
but the greatest honor you can give is
believe in who I Am."


  1. That was awesome and I so appreciate that you are sharing with us, what you are learning, so we may learn as well.



  2. I love your believe "poem" at the end. I am writing it in my scripture card set. Thank you for sharing. That is all He is asking from us-to beleivve and if we believe then we will walk in faith!!

    In His Graces~Pamela

  3. Hi, Jill. I'm doing Beth Moore's Believing God series, and it is good. Makes you really examine what you believe. Great post.