Saturday, April 25, 2009

"What is Love?"

“What is Love?”
A phone call to say, “Hello,”
A letter in the mail.
An unexpected visit,
A gift just because.

“What is Love?”
Cuddles with a child &
Hugs from the heart.
Words that say, “I care,”
Someone listening when you talk.

“What is Love?”
Quality time with another,
Prayers prayed together.
Jesus on the cross &
God’s blessings from above.

“What is Love?”
A gift without a price,
That can never be returned.
One we must graciously give
And willingly receive.

The other day I read a Proverbs 31 devotional that asked this very question, which made me think. Renee Swope posted about it on her blog as well and if you haven't read her words I encourage you to check them out.

God's love is something that is difficult for me to wrap my mind around, but we must receive it before we can give it. Do that today and take a minute to ask a spouse, child, or friend - "What is love?" Don't just ask the question, but think about your answer as well. I pray you feel loved today!


  1. Very good poem, Jill. Thanks for sharing today.

    I'm going to ask Alan this question later today. I did read Renee's devotional and blog on the subject. I even thought it sounded like a good idea, but it slipped my mind...imagine that :) Thanks for the reminder today. Let's put "love in motion", huh?!

  2. Hi, Jill!
    It is so nice to meet you! Thank you for blessing me by coming by my blog and leaving me your sweet comment. :)

    And I love what you said in your post about having to receive God's love before we are able to give love. I have been thinking on that a LOT lately!

    Thanks for blessing me today! :)

  3. I linked here from Kathy's site where you referred to this post in your comment. Very good poem. I'll bet you could have this published somewhere. You answered the question by giving concrete examples. Maybe love is better described and illustrated than defined. Anyway, you did a good job of it. wb