Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm not needed...

The title to this post may sound a little crazy and as a mom of three little ones I agree. It seems I'm constantly needed, "Mom, I'm hungry!", "Mom, she hit me!", "Mom, I can't find my shoes!" You get the idea and if you're a Mom, you understand. But my thoughts are running a bit deeper as I think about a phrase our pastor shared a couple of weeks ago.

He said, "People don't need me, they need Him (Jesus)." How true that is! And as I step further and further out of my comfort zone as I follow God into the land of the unknown, it was just what I needed to hear.

You see not everyone is in favor of or understands what I'm doing. They think I'm being too religious and can't put their minds around why I would share some of the things I am sharing in my book that will hit the shelves this summer.

As this all becomes a reality, worry about what others think seems to be running a bit deeper. There have been times my desire to please people, some close loved ones especially, has tempted to push stop. Those worries cause me to question so much.

I find myself thinking, "Am I sure?" "Did I hear God right?" "Is this really what He wants for me?" Then I think of my pastor's comment.

People don't need me, they need Christ. Though I fear my steps of faith may damage some relationships, I know these people could survive without me and though it's hard to say, my life could go on as well. God is there to carry me through - He will comfort me, protect me and guide me even if those who did those very things for me as a child don't.

But my prayer is really two-fold - 1, that He keep reminding me of my pastor's words. None of this is about me, but what He can do and how I, just like everyone else need Him! My job is to obey because what was true for Paul is still true for us today. In 1st Thessalonians 2:4 he says, " we speak, not to please men, but to please God who tests our hearts." Lord, help me live that way!

My second prayer is that through all of this, those who don't understand that they need Christ would come to know Him more. Just this past Sunday we focused on and celebrated the resurrecting power of God and if He allowed His own Son to walk through the suffering He endured, I shouldn't be surprised with the pain I'm feeling. At the same time I shouldn't worry, if He can raise Jesus from the dead, He can restore my situation as well.

So though my kids seem to need more than I want at times, today I will try to remember that really what they need is Him in me. Maybe we'll work on patience today...

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  1. That is so good Jill. This chapter we just read in this book really hit me on my head. I get so overwhelmed at the times with the needs I feel that I need to provide, when it's Jesus they need. I will be more aware of my response when my little and big ones ask me for help.
    Thanks...great post!