Friday, May 8, 2009

A Tribute to Moms

"A Mother’s Love"
It begins even before you are born,
It grows with each internal kick –
She’s never even met you
Yet she already loves you.
Then you are born
And there’s a love she’s never felt.
You are part of her
And she’ll forever be part of you.
Time goes by, you grow older,
Yet she’s there for you.S
he cheers for you and
She hurts with you.
Years pass and others come into your life –
They influence you and even love you, too,
But your mom is always special –
She loved you first.

"Like A Mom"
You weren’t the one who
Cared for me as an infant,
Disciplined me as a child,
Or guided me as a teen,
But thru the years,
You’ve become like
A Mom to me.

I confide in you &
You listen to me.
I ask questions &
You provide answers.
I share struggles &
You give encouragement.
I don’t know what to do &
You offer advice.
I am in need of prayers &
You talk to God for me.

You weren’t the one who
I called Mommy,
But I’m thankful you
Call me daughter.
No matter how many
Years go by,
A Mother’s work
Is never done
And her love
Is always needed.

"A Mother’s Arms"
A newborn enters the world –
Alone in the unknown,
She’s scared and afraid –
Until she’s placed
In her mother’s arms.

A child falls on the rocks –
Hurt while having fun,
He’s crying and upset –
Until he’s held
In his mother’s arms.

A teen-ager hangs up the phone –
Let down by a friend,
He’s misunderstood and feeling unloved –
Until he’s embraced
By his mother’s arms.

A new mom is feeling depressed –
Alone in the unknown,
She’s scared and afraid –
Until she’s wrapped
In her mother’s arms.

The young and the old –
Are all in need
Of the comfort and security
Found in the touch
Of a mother’s arms.

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  1. These are all beautiful! I especially love the second one...I think of the "spiritual" moms in my life that have meant SOOOO much to me! I have a wonderful mother, but I have also been so blessed with others who have loved me like a daughter.

    Happy Mother's Day, Jill!
    Oh...and I am so excited to see that Renee will be speaking at your retreat! How I wish I lived closer!!!!

    K :)