Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family Poetry

Over the past 10 days Wendy Blight has been encouraging women to read through Psalm 119 and then she challenged women to write an acrostic expressing your love for God and His Word. I did just that, so thought I'd share my words. I also used the idea with J.D. and Joy and they are more excited to share theirs!!

A love that makes me happy
Because Jesus died on the
Cross for me.
by Joy (6)

And from J.D. (8) -
Amazing love from God
Brought me to Him,
Creator of ALL the world.

Amazing love that
Brought me life.
Caring God who calls me
Daughter and
Forgives all my sins.
Gracious and
Jesus - the One who
Knows me and
Loves me still.
My Savior has changed me and made me
New. It's Him I want to
Obey and
Quite unique, He offers
Rest, comfort and discipline.
Staying near
To Him is my
Ultimate goal. His
Vast love
Will carry me through and make my days
X-tra special because of HIS presence.
Your love O Lord makes me
Zealous for more.

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  1. This is fun!! And beautiful!! I am sooooo behind in blog reading :( I hope life slows a bit sometime but my friends keep telling me to wait ten more years for that until my kids start leaving home. I guess I'll take putting blog reading on hold for a bit instead of that!! haha

    Or maybe I can take a magic pill and forgo sleep for a few months. haha

    Anyway, just wondering if you plan to return to She Speaks this year. :)