Monday, March 14, 2011

"Different, yet the Same"

Just this morning I read a post by Lisa Whittle titled, Differences, which has me thinking. She is discussing how differences have the ability to divide us, which is so very true. Here's a look at what she shared, "We preach love, community and acceptance, but they are much easier to read off of a piece of paper than they are for us to attach to real life issues that happen between imperfect people…especially when we are the one who feels wronged." She's right; in our mind it's easy to know the right thing, but so much harder to live this out.

Her words about differences made me think about how they affect us, or have me anyway, in a different way. For many years, and sometimes still, I would play the comparison game and I was always the one who didn't measure up. I would see the other person better than me and these observations made me realize we were different and then my mind would believe that because of those differences we shared no connection.

Friend, if you've ever done the same let me tell you - that thinking is wrong!! I thought about this nearly 5 years ago as I reflected on a friendship that had numerous differences, and God showed me though our similarities may unite us our differences can complete us. And really when we share a love for Christ and a bond in Him our differences don't even compare to what holds us together!! Now if we would live daily like that was true!!!

So today rather than focusing on our differences, the things that at times may divide us, let us remember though we are different, we are the same in so many ways!!

Below you will find some words about my friend and I, who are different, yet the same!!

"Different, yet the Same"
She loves pickles. I can't stand them.
She has a pet parakeet. Birds scare me.
She leads a worship team. I can't sing.
She runs her own business. I'm a farmer's wife.
She graduated in nineteen something. I was born the same year.
She's been married for two and a half decades. We just celebrated 5 years.
Her youngest just left for college. Mine hasn't left the crib.

We are different, yet we're the same.

Our love of basketball brought us together.
We understand the importance of motherhood.
We enjoy listening to others.
We believe things happen for a reason.
We share a love for God.
We are sisters in Christ.
We worship the same Father in heaven.

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  1. Sometimes I'm so busy looking for people like me that I forget I can learn from those who are different (and I have lots to learn!). Thanks for sharing this!