Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"I Will Not Forget"

Lately it seems the miscarriage I experienced last fall and the baby we lost have been on my mind quite a bit. Late this past February we found out we were expecting once again and initially my thoughts revisited the miscarriage. Then there was mainly fears of it happening a second time.

Now 22 weeks into things, emotions continue to be mixed. At times there is guilt as I rejoice about the baby yet to come - I know if we hadn't lost our little "J," we'd never be expecting a baby this Oct. It puts the bit about God giving and taking away in a whole new light.

I know this is all part of His plan and He's been with me every step of the journey, but walking through the hard times still is never easy. God is guiding me, comforting me and revealing things He never has, but last night I rested on the idea that I didn't want to forget.

Though I never held this little one, my baby still has a place in my heart. So little "J" these words are for you -

"I Will Not Forget"
Even though it seems
the world has forgotten
and even I have went a day
or two without remembering,
"I will not forget."

The role you played was pivotal
and your presence powerful.
You touched my heart
and changed my life,
"I will not forget."

I think of you often and
still miss you just the same.
You will forever be
a part of me,
"I will not forget."

No one will ever take your place
or do what you have done.
You alone are special -
a gift only God could give,
one, "I will not forget."


  1. Sister, they are such sweet and powerful words. I can not imagine what you have gone through, but God does know. It brings me joy to know that you rest in Him and find your comfort in Him.

  2. Thank you for your words at my site. I do hope that you'll join in on this study. It really feels like God is going to do some transformational work through the avenue of this book. I've just read several of your most recent posts. I am so saddened for the pain you have/are experiencing. Please know that you are not in alone. I am just recently at the beginning of seeing the light after a deep, dark battle with depression. The loss through a miscarriage is something that no one understands unless they've experienced it. You will be in my prayers for continued healing and for the health of your unborn child. In Him, Stacy

  3. Just imagine how sweet your reunion will be when you meet this baby again-you will, He has promised you that! My heart sends you a big long hug as your pain is so apparent.

    I have been cecking the "Rise & Shine" site. The registration will not download. Plan to strt advertizing soon!!

    Praying for you!

    Hi Maidservant~Pamela