Thursday, June 25, 2009

Please pray

Yesterday tragedy struck Iowa - nearly an hour from where we live in another small town. Ed Thomas, a famed football coach, from Parkersburg was shot by a former student while supervising the weight room.

Aside from having him as a Theory of Coaching class instructor during college years ago and following his success through the news I don't know the man. But he has served as a respected coach, teacher, husband, father and man of faith in his community for years.

Yesterday in a press conference, his young son, also a coach himself said, "God always has a reason, but at times like this it is hard to understand." How true. He also stepped up and encouraged the community to embrace and pray for the shooter and his family as well.

The details and stories are all over the news, so google Ed Thomas for more information, but for now I ask you to pray - for his wife Jan, sons Aaron and Todd, grandsons and the countless lives he impacted - their hearts are hurting.

And like a good friend said because of his faith Ed Thomas may impact more people with his death than he did with the short 58 years of his life. Pray that is the case and God will be glorified in the days ahead.

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  1. May God bless His family and watch over them during this hard time! I pray that they will find comfort in God even though they may not understand!