Wednesday, October 29, 2008

While there's still time

Awhile back a friend told me, her and her husband had just given a young man permission to marry their youngest daughter. Leanne knew Kaytlyn loved Josh, but struggled with the idea of what this all meant – she was giving her baby away. She said to me, “Just think of little Jaylyn.”

So I did just that – my mind went to work and I thought, what if a young man came to the door and asked us that very question. My initial response, “I’d say yes with only one condition, you have to take her now!!” Well that was easy to say when she was a little, naughty, tired girl who will soon turn two.

But as the night went on the thoughts went deeper. Granted my children are years from these experiences, but if my sons next 15 years go as fast as the last 5 I know it could happen all too soon!!

As I envisioned the empty nest years, my life was brought back into perspective. Earlier that week my little man was obsessed with kisses, he couldn’t plant enough of them on my cheek and loved it when his dad fought him for me. In a way I felt bad for ending his fun just so I could wash dishes. I realized someday he’ll be kissing his wife instead of me!! Yikes!!

Then I also thought of my daughter who the night before told me I was her best friend. I was curious what that meant for a three year old, so I asked and she responded, “You play ring around the rosey, share your stickers and take me shopping.” As we shared this sweet moment, I looked ahead and prayed for the days when maybe I would be her best friend. But again Leanne’s engagement story reminded me I don’t always want to be her best friend because I pray someday her husband will be.

Then there’s my little Peanut, the child embarking on the terrible two’s. She makes me laugh and at times want to scream, but she always lets me hold her and loves to snuggle. But just like Leanne’s little Lyn, she too will grow up and someday, years from now, I too will be overwhelmed with emotion as I give a guy permission to marry my baby.

So while there’s still time, I’m off to enjoy my son’s kisses, be my daughter’s best friend and hold my baby!!


  1. Ain't it the truth?! I leave the dishes until later often and sacrifice sleep so that I can try to make the most of these fleeting moments with my boys. Yes, the bickering and whining and never-ending demands get on my nerves at times, but I am in to hurry for "permanent" peace and quiet. (A couple hours a week would hold me over nicely though.)

  2. This post is very emotional for me. As I read it, I kept thinking that my oldest son will be 18 in 5 1/2 years. Owie to my heart:( I really pray that both will be the men of God that God has called them to. So many worries and fears, yet God is the only one who knows their futures. Sometimes during the "chaos", I forget that they won't always be here with me, that they won't be my babies, and that they will one day have families of their own. *Sigh*

  3. Oh, Jill. So beautiful. We can't get this time back. It flies. Take those kisses and cherish them, friend!

  4. Hi--nice to meet you. I just came across your blog. My son just went off to college and I have two teen daughters who are usually gone working, etc.

    It is like my husband and I are already experiencing the empty nest.

    You have the right idea--my band wagon is to young moms--enjoy these days and enjoy the free hugs and kisses!!!

    God Bless!

  5. Jill,
    Thanks for sharing this. I know my niece just turned 18, and my daughter 9, and those 9 years just flew by. I was filled with emotion thinking how fast it went, and how it won't be much longer, before we are navigating through teenage years, dating, and all the other that goes with it.

    Like you I'm soaking up every minute I can with her, and praying for her and her future husband.

    Enjoy those kisses, and sticker sharing times.