Monday, March 5, 2012

Question of the day - "Why do we go see people when they die??"

Last night as we prepared to go to the visitation for an elderly man from our church, one of my little girls asked, "Why do we go see people when they die?"  I explained how we were extending our sympathy to Leo's family and how it was a way to show we loved them.  She accepted my answer and moved on with what she was doing.

Over the last 24 hours God has used this question to stir me up a bit though.  In a way, I think Joy was on to something.  In her mind it didn't make a lot of sense to go see someone who had passed away and realistically she's right - once we've breathed our last there's no conversation, no hugs and no smiles to share. 

But still when someone passes away, we do go see them.  I'm not saying funerals and visitations are bad (God uses them in mighty ways), but what I am saying is I often find the time when it's too late. 

Lately it seems life has been busy, either mine or those who I long to connect with, and we keep saying "one of these days we'll get together."  Soon a month has passed, then another and soon a year goes by and the relationship starts to change and sometimes even fade.

My daughter's question has challenged me to think about what I make time for - I don't want to wait for tragedy or death to make me push pause in my life so I have time for the people who are precious.  Because the truth is when that happens it doesn't matter how busy we are or what is on our calendar, we make time to go see people when they die. 

Friend, today who can you go see, call or write because they are alive and loved by you?  Find the time, because someday life may force you to take the time.

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  1. Wow! What truth, Jill! And don't you just love how He uses the ponderings of our little ones to get us thinking!

    I am afraid I am all too often the queen of good intentions (and poor excuses) about getting together with people/sending them notes/giving them a call. You are SO right. We need to make time now, while we can.

    Thanks for this reminder. You bless me. :)