Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The story I should have told...

The other night we attended a youth group supper at our church. This year they had a sports theme and during the event they asked former athletes to share a story from their playing days. For a sports fan like myself it was fun to hear stories, some I'd been a part of and others I'd never heard before. I was amazed at how those memories came back and people could recall details from years ago like they happened yesterday.

But after we returned home, God brought a story to mind, one I told my husband I should have shared. Since I can't go back to that group of people, I decided I'd share it here instead.

First of all to set the stage, growing up basketball was my life. I had the shirts to prove it -
My life revolves around basketball.
Basketball is LIFE - the rest is just details!
A Boyfriend or BASKETBALL? When do we play?!?!

Honestly I wore them and many others with pride, but more than what my shirts said, in my mind basketball was God. Thankfully I now realize that is wrong, but God had to do a few things to show me that and recently reminded me of the process.

So here's the story I wanted to tell...
About a week ago I was looking through some of my old treasures and came across a letter from my old high school basketball coach. In college I had written her a note looking for advice as I worked to come back from a major knee injury and this is part of her response,

"Basketball has always been what you lived for, not many people have been as intense and worked as hard as you have. It has been a big portion of your life and now there is a possibility that that portion may be empty. If you aren't able to play can you find some way to fill the void?"

I read these words and it was like it was 1995 again. I remember the fear, the pain, the loss and even the depression I wrestled with as I said good-bye to a game I loved. She was right a portion of my life would be empty, but looking back I realize I was empty.

All along I'd been trying to fill myself up with success, other's approval and everything else basketball had to offer. When basketball was everything that didn't leave room for anything else, especially God.

Now I'm not saying He caused my injury, but I clearly know He's worked through it. There was a void in my life, one only He could fill. Though it took sometime for me to realize that, He eventually opened my eyes to see basketball is just a game, the world revolves because of HIM and my first love must be Jesus.

Perhaps this story isn't as exciting as the one about scoring the last second lay-up to win the game or heartbreaking like the ones about free throws that were missed to lose the game. But lately I've been reminded stories aren't just about the highs and the lows, the stories we need to tell and others need to hear are the ones about our walk with HIM.

My coach was right, something would have to fill the void - I'm so thankful I found the only One who could!!


  1. wow! you def hit the nail on the head! I find myself looking for things for my life to revolve around instead of looking to Christ, the One who made me. But ultimately, He is the only thing worth living for!!!!

  2. Good, good, good, Jill!

    Just today I was looking back through Lisa Whittle's book
    (W)hole. I came to the part about sharing our story, His story...the Whole Story. :)

    So glad GOD filled that void in your heart, that was really there for Him to fill in the first place. And that you're now sharing your story (His story) with others.

    God definately uses all things for good, doesn't He?!

    Love you!