Thursday, March 22, 2012

Praying for our Sons

Recently I've started following "Warrior Prayers - Praying the Word for Boys" on Facebook and have since enjoyed the blog, The Mob Society. Today I want to share an upcoming challenge with you!

In May, actually the 1st through the 21st, they are hosting 21 Days of Prayer for our Sons! With 3 sons of my own I know how vital this little men need it and so do I!! You can find more details on their website by clicking here!

And now a story from just yesterday about how God uses His word and prayer! I received this message from a friend and am still amazed at how God works! I believe you will find it encouraging as well -

"Yesterday morning God put it on my heart to write out all of Psalm 119. 176 verses. But He had me personalize them about my 17 year old son Aaron. The last verse reads: "Aaron Preston Chealey has gone astray like a lost sheep. Seek him Lord for I know he has not forgotten Your commands." It took me 2 hours to write all of them out and pray them.

Last night a detective came looking for him. Over the weekend he was involved in a robbery. One of the young men pulled out a gun and so it has taken on a whole new twist. Because Aaron was there he will be charged. With what we don't know yet. We met with our lawyer this morning and at 4:30 central time meet again with him and the detective.

We're not sure if he'll be arrested but if he does he'll spend overnight in jail, possibly until Friday.
My heart is beyond sick, but let me tell you that when I read through all 176 personalized verses out loud twice last night my heart found comfort. God is something else, such a tenderhearted Shepherd we have."

Friends, God knows what our sons need and He knows what their moms need as well!! This story from my friend is one example of the amazing ways He works!

Today I ask you to join me in praying for my friend, Lelia and her son, Aaron and praying for our sons as well!! Also take a minute to check out the challenge and an opportunity to win "Warrior Prayers - Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most!!" Find the info here!

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  1. I did not realize this about Lelia's son! Praying for sure! And how amazing is our God, to lead her to write out those verses.

    And how exciting to read about this movement to get moms praying for their sons. I know I need to spend more time than I do praying for my girls. Blessings to you as you pour your heart out to the King on behalf of your precious ones.

    Love you,