Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My new favorite quote...

I've always been one to enjoy and remember motivational quotes and stories. I appreciated this ability as an athlete and then later as a coach, but recently I have thought about how this benefits my faith life as well!

My new favorite quote comes from a place I least expected, but still I'm thankful for the wonderful words. This Christmas my daughter received a few new books and we've enjoyed reading them together. I'm not sure if any of them have become her favorite, but one of them has made it to the top of my list!

There are some of my kids books that I could probably read backwards and up-side down and even a few that at the sight of them make me think, not that again. I have a feeling I will never say that about A Parable about the King by Beth Moore. It was on these pages, ones intended for a young child, that I have found my new favorite quote.

In the story the main character's father, the king, says to her, "You are mine, and you will never be happy until you accept both the privilege and responsibility that goes with belonging to me." I read those words and felt the book was for me!

It is true - God is the King and more than that He is my Father! If I want to experience happiness and truly have joy I have a choice to make. I must accept the privilege and responsibility that goes with belonging to Him. If you take some time and think about that the wheels can really turn.

Ask yourself, "Do I live as a daughter of the King?" "Do I understand the privilege it is to be His child?" "Do I accept the responsibility that comes with the role?"

I don't know what your answers are, but at times I know my answers aren't necessarily what I like to hear. Which means at times my life, actions and thoughts aren't what my Father, the King, likes to see and hear. At times I know it can be easier to understand the privilege side of things, but occasionally even that can be a struggle. Like those moments when I fall short on the responsibility side; then I can feel unworthy and like I don't deserve to call myself a daughter of the King. But I'm grateful that just like the character in the story, my Father is also forgiving and welcomes me back with open loving arms.

And even that forgiveness is part of the privilege of being His child and I must accept what giving Father wants to give. I'm beginning to realize the more I accept the privilege of being a daughter of the King the more willing I am to embrace the responsibility the comes with being a member of the royal family!!

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