Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Speaking Truth to Your Issues

It is again Tuesday, time for Lelia's study of Jennifer Rothschild's, Self Talk, Soul Talk. And again the book is saying just what I need to hear. This weeks chapter is titled, Speaking Truth to Your Issues - exactly what I need to do and slowly what God is helping me do.

Last week I wrote about some struggles, doubts and fears, which all grew as I listened to the negative talk in my head. But once I quieted myself, I was able to hear God's voice. Jennifer shared a bit of her soul-talk story and I'd like to do the same...

Last week as God continued to lead me forward with things God has put on my heart, I was excited and afraid all at the same time. For a long time I actually fought to even do these things, but once I realized that was a losing battle, I submitted. But only with the thought that, "I'll take one step and then the door will close." Mainly because there is no way I can or deserve to do these things He's leading me too.

Well over 2 years have passed and He has yet to close the door instead it seems just as I walk thru one, He is opening the next. That is exciting - I mean to experience God's faithfulness is a real blessing, but at the same time there is fear. I often wonder, "God are you sure? Don't you need someone else?" I'm realizing those thoughts are wrong because basically when I doubt myself, I'm actually doubting Him. And that makes no sense at all!!

Anyway the other day I realize my mind is going in the wrong direction (makes me think of my sister and her famous quote, "realization is half the battle" True!). As doubt is filling my mind I hear myself say, "Just look at you." But before the negative thoughts continue, I find myself just quiet and God says, "But child, look at me."

And like Jennifer said, God's spirit will remind us of truth. I was instantly reminded of Peter walking on water. What an amazing story! Do you ever wonder if he thought of doing that as a child? I'm sure if he did, common sense told him it would never happen, but God... I thought about what Peter was able to do when he kept his eyes on Christ - something common sense told him would never happen, but with God it was possible.

I know that is the case with me, I take my eyes off of Him and focus on myself and bad things happen. Just like Peter I start to sink! Not a good thing and though I have no intentions of walking across our neighbor's pond anytime soon, I'm looking forward to walking ahead with my eyes on Christ and doing the very thing that in my eyes seems impossible.

So that's my story and now I encourage you to think about your's. What voice are you listening to? Find time to quiet yourself so you can hear His.


  1. Adding in the story of Peter to the "truth" of how we think was great! Focusing on His truth is what keeps us going in the right direction. Amen girl!!

    Keep focused on Him!!

    In His Graces~Pamela

  2. Isn’t it amazing how quickly our eyes can be diverted from the one who has our best interests at heart? Thank you for your timely reminder to ‘find time to quiet myself so that I can hear the voice of my Savior’.

  3. Realization is half the battle! I'm like you--just taking one step at a time.

    He is so good. He will keep us walking through those doors.

    Keeping my eyes on Him,

  4. Well said. Where is my gaze???? It is amazing how quickly we can forget. Her focus on the Holy Spirit was such a good reminder of how to seek Him.

  5. "I'm looking forward to walking ahead with my eyes on Christ and doing the very thing that in my eyes seems impossible" What a great focus to have. Thanks for sharing your story, and how doubting ourselves is really doubting God. I really need to hear that this morning. There is that Holy Spirit teaching us through others.


  6. "Just like Peter, I start to sink." That is the way it works, isn't it? I thoroughly enjoyed what you shared here, Jill. Thanks for bringing our boy Peter into the mix - he's one of my favorites because he is so like me, on again, off again!

  7. Yep, catching myself and re-focusing on Him. that is what this battle is all about (even when we say "its not fun in here!!!") Constantly keeping our eyes on Him.

    Looking at God, not ourselves.
    Thank you for the reminder!
    God bless,

  8. I've been surprised how many times just this week God has given me the message "Take the next step; I'll take care of the rest." I've been put on hold for various reasons for the past couple of years and have actually grown quite comfortable there. He's recently been stirring some things inside that have made me think it's time to get off the sidelines, but I keep looking for reasons not to. Thanks for adding another reminder to the "take the next step" side of things.

  9. Jill,

    Such wisdom in this....Believe God for who He is and what He places on your heart, and BELIEVE HIM TO BE HUGE!


  10. Hey! I am back! Do you know of a good mentoring series? I would like to do one with our women's ministry this summer at church with the Titus 2 scripture.

    In His Graces~Pamela