Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Put to the test...

Last night an hour after posting about the things I tell myself I was put to the test and I'm sorry to say for awhile I failed!!

As my night was coming to an end, my mind took over. After spending time with a loved one who is upset with and doesn't understand my obedience to God and desire to share, I recalled things that had been said and started hearing negative talk from days gone by. Then I proceeded to brush my teeth and caught a glimpse in the mirror when more words from the past reappeared. Plans are being made to take the photo that will be on the back of my book and as I looked at myself I heard, "You can't put your picture on a book. Your teeth are crooked. Your hair's a mess..." So by this time I was down and the ball continued to roll as other thoughts came to mind.

Finally, things paused and I thought of the chapter I had just read and wrote about - my exact words were, "I'm eager to leave the negative self talk behind and replace it with powerful soul talk that comes from God's word instead of my mind!" And for a minute, my old ways came to life as I heard, "You've failed again." Thankfully I was able to counter that with His words of truth.

Though I can't quote exact verses God gave me a truth for every lie I had been telling myself. I recalled how the Bible tells us those without faith can't understand and then he reminded me how I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Even though I've struggled with my looks since my days as a tomboy, God created me and loves me just the way I am. The conversation continued and I was blessed by the new articles that He was putting into my thought closet.

And though I initially failed the test, I'm grateful that God is a God of second chances! I left a comment yesterday telling Lelia how we need to trust (I think the reminder was for me!!). As we move forward with the study I trust God has plans for good!!


  1. Speaking as one who daily battles the readily available lies from Satan...YAY for you for countering those lies with God's Woeds of Truth.

    I am praying that God will continue to guide you into His truths and Satan will realize that he doesn't stand a chance because you are already more than a conqueror through Christ.

  2. You are so funny! We are all falling off the horse together and getting back up. Just knock the dust off and thank Him for grace moments like this where you catch yourself and know that you ought to be thinking other soul talk. Even though I hate my actions I still laugh when I catch myself in moments like that. God must have a wonderful sense of humor! Otherwise He might have taken me home LONG ago. Thank you for your sweet way of sharing this with us it put a smile on my face. We WILL OVERCOME in JESUS NAME.... oh YES we will!

    On The Journey Myself,
    Heather of Swallowing A Moose

  3. Well, Satan didn't take long to attack did he? He knows right where to throw the punches. Put on that FULL armor girlfriend because what we want to change to get closer to our God the enemy will try his hardest to bring us down. If he can fill your thought closet's shelves with negative thoughts and doubt of your worth before the book is even published what a victory for him. Flip it on him and believe what God says about you...I am enthralled with your beauty Jill.
    I'm tellin' you, I have just had it with the enemy and his tactics. Had it!
    love ya,

  4. Jill,

    First of all, congratulations of the picture, and getting your book ready. that is a very big accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself. You are a beautiful lady, and don't let those voices tell you otherwise!

    I understand about those voices. They sneak up, do they not? Just when I thought I had outrun them. I think this Bible study will give us some tools to handle those times when they make their sneak attacks.

    It's going to be good! Because He is good!

  5. Isn't it amazing how one though, one comment, one look can cause us to fall back into OLD habits.
    You are doing well - we all fall from time to time - You got back up and started again:)

  6. HI there! I am just doing a little blog browsing! I was glad to find you... I say AMEN to the words you mentioned at the end, "I am glad that God is a God of second chances"

    ~blessings, Deanna

  7. Self talk is the hardest to ignore, isn't it? You can't turn the music up louder to drown it out or go to another room to leave it behind. But you did great! You can't keep the thoughts from coming in, but you can (and did) keep them from taking root and paralyzing you. Progress!!

  8. Taking control of those negative thoughts can be so difficult. Who are we kidding? It's a life long battle! I just try to conteract them with "what does Jesus think? and What does Jesus say?

    Do keep us posted on your book!!!

    In His Graces~Pamela

  9. Hi, you sound like me. I find myself thinking negative thoughts toward myself, then condemn myself for doing that. I missed the first week, but have joined the study this week.