Monday, January 12, 2009

Please pray...

for Mallory and her parents, Harold and Jennifer. Mallory, the 15 year old daughter of one of my best friends has had some major struggles over the last year. In June she was placed at Orchard Park and has since been diagnosed as bi-polar.

Well last night things took a turn for the worse as her mom called and told me to pray. A staff member had called to inform them that she had run away and the police had been called. Now 12 hours later I have yet to hear an update and my mind wonders and heart hurts for Mallory, a young girl from a town of maybe 700 now running and hiding in our state's capital.

My heart also hearts for her parents who are left to truly put their daughter in God's hands. I ask you to simply lift them all up. And please pray for me as well, as I work to be a support and encouragement for Jennifer in this very difficult time.


  1. I will definitely lift this family up in prayer. I went through a similar situation a few months back with a friend of mine and her foster daughter.

    Heavenly Father, please put a hedge of protection around this child. Lord, You know exactly where she is and what she is facing. Keep her safe and let her return quickly, and just be with her parents as they trust You to take care of their daughter. In Jesus' name, Amen

  2. Oh, I will pray! A parent's worse nightmare. Yes, I will lift this family up. And will pray for you as you misiter to them, friend.

  3. Praying. I can't imagine the heart-in-the-throat feeling her parents are experiencing. I worked with teens at a boarding school for a time and had two girls about that same age that I visited while they were in-patient under similar circumstances. It can all be so overwhelming and confusing--for everyone involved. Thankfully we have a God who knows just where she is; I will pray his special hand of protection on her and that she'll be located soon.

  4. Oh, how frightening for her parents and for her. I will be praying and have spread the word to those in my life that I know will be a faithful prayer warrior. Please keep us informed.

    In Prayer,