Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Believe - A Short Study

Hello Friends, Titus24U is the name of my blog, but nearly 2 years ago it also became the name of a women's ministry held monthly at our church. This unusual name is one God put on my heart nearly 8 years ago and focuses on two passages from chapter 2 of Titus. Verses 3-5 tell us about women training women and verses 11-14 are basically the Gospel in a nutshell. Since my relationship with Jesus and those with other sisters in Christ have been valuable in my life, I have a passion to encourage others to connect with God and one another as well. I pray I do that on my blog and as I lead our group.

So anyway, last week I shared about the month's plans for T24U on Facebook and I was struck that the majority of feedback came from far away friends. I thought about that for awhile and prayed about it too. Now God has led me to share the outline of what we discussed and took home for further study. I'd love for you to join in the conversation, but more importantly I pray this gets you into God's Word!

Our topic for the night was BELIEVE...something God had been challenging me to understand better and live out more. It can be easy to say we believe, but much more challenging to live out our beliefs. Belief can be a complicated topic...we can believe in God and we are commanded to believe Him. We may believe Jesus died, rose and saves us from our sin, but do we believe the same resurrecting power works in us today?

Awhile back my husband said something to me about my looks, which I've struggled with all of my life. I listened to his compliment, but really didn't respond; so he said, "You don't believe me, do you?" I was silent and then he quickly added, "You don't believe God either, do you?" Friend, it can be easy to say I believe God's Word, but am I willing to believe Him and claim His Truths for myself? How about you?

More recently, I've been convicted of doubting (not believing) what He's called me to do. I'll admit, I think way too much...the former algebra teacher in me loves to figure things out, but that's not what God wants me to do. He wants to trust and obey...even when A + B does not = C! He longs for me, and you, to believe! And friend, that is not a one time thing, it's something we must do time and time again. Every situation, every opportunity and every thought is a chance to believe God. If you want to learn more about who we believe, how we believe or be encouraged to strengthen your belief, I invite you to dive into the questions and Scriptures below. God's Word is living and active...He will speak to us!

Dear Heavenly Father, God, thank you for choosing me to be a believer. I'm grateful for the gift of faith You've given and ask You to strengthen it as I study your Word. Lord, I admit, sometimes I doubt and I ask you to use that doubt to draw me to you. Help me recognize the times I'm not believing You Lord and fill my mind with Truth about who YOU are and the power You posses and the plan You've created. Father, I pray You would use this study transform hearts today. In Jesus' Name, Amen

“The work of God is this: to believe in the One He has sent.” John 6:29
(Tense denotes continuation rather than a single act. NIV Commentary)

Define BELIEVE -

Who/What do you believe?
John 11:27
John 12:44
John 14:11
Heb. 11:6

Why do you believe?
1 John 3:23
Is. 43:10

How do you believe?
Romans 10:10

Why don’t you believe?
Luke 8:13
John 12:37-43

What are the benefits of believing?
John 1:12 John 11:25-26
John 3:16 John 11:40
John 4:39-42 John 17:21
  John 6:35-36, 47 John 20:29
John 7:38 Romans 4:3

How do I strengthen my belief?
John 20:27, 31
1 Timothy 1:12-17
Mark 9:24
Romans 10:17
John 13:19
        John 15:5

Be Encouraged!! If you are a believer, Jesus prayed for YOU!! See John 17:20

What is God asking YOU to BELIEVE? (A verse, a command, a truth…something about Him, you or your circumstances.)


Wendy Blight said...

Wow! What great Scriptures! Love what you shared today, Jill. Thank you for challenging us to know what we believe and know what God is asking us to believe.



Jill Beran said...

Thanks for stopping by Wendy...God always speaks through your encouraging words. Now to be one who always believes!! :)
Blessings back!

Amber Paulsen said...

Hi Jill! Loved this, I think we all need help Believing God. I used to be DEEP in lies about body image. I have said this verse from Song of Solomon 4:7 "You are so beautiful, my beloved, so perfect in every part" over and over and over for years. God has healed me in great ways through His Word, to not want to change any part of my appearance. At my lowest I was probably one of the most insecure women in the world. Thanks for sharing your heart on these issues. Also this verse comes to mind (going by memory here) "A prophet is not accepted in his hometown". LOVED the verses. Powerful!

Jill Beran said...

Thank you for your kind words Amber. And for the verse you shared from Song of Solomon....I could have been your insecure twin!! So grateful for God's Word and the transforming power of it. Blessings to you!