Monday, November 17, 2014

Just Wondering

"Mom, you know I really am 'Wonder Woman!'" are the words my 7 year old daughter said to me. I wasn't sure where this was going because as far as I knew her understanding of this superhero was nonexistent. So I responded with nothing and then she proceeded to say, "Because I really do wonder a lot!!!"

Well, if those are the words that define 'Wonder Woman' then I am her as well!! My little lady comes by her deep thinking quite naturally and friend I've found myself wondering quite a bit the last few days. Saturday was the funeral of a wonderful friend/neighbor/sister in Christ and as we celebrated her life and legacy I thought about mine. Yesterday marked the 6th year anniversary of the death of my grandma Biwer and I found myself reflecting on much.

As I thought about this I remembered something my other daughter said a few years back...we were heading to the visitation of an elderly man from our church when Joy, probably 6 at the time said, "Why do we go see dead people?" We explained the whys of our actions, but her words have always stuck with me...too often when we make the choice to take time for people it's too late.

Friend, none of us, or are loved ones, are guaranteed tomorrow so we'd better be intentional with today. Psalms 90:12 says, "Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom."

All my recent wonderings have left me with the desire to be more intentional with the things I do and say. I long to make a difference for Christ and shine His light; I know that must begin here right where I am at. I also believe God is showing me I need to do a better job of speaking up and really sharing my faith...someday "I'll do it later" won't be an option. He's also showing me there is much I can learn from the people around me...others who've walked with Him for years and experienced things I never have. They have wisdom I could glean from, but I have to be intentional and ask questions and listen to the answers.

So friend, let me start with you - Tell me about your relationship with Christ. What has been the greatest challenge as you walk in faith? What have you learned through it? What advice would you share with me as a wife, mom or believer?

I could go on, but I'll stop with that and finish with the other thing God is showing me I could improve upon...sharing my appreciation and saying the things I too often leave unsaid. A week before her passing, Janet called me and wanted to talk...she told me somethings I never knew and spoke words that touched my heart.

So friend, whether I see you face to face or know you from far-away, I do appreciate you and the connection we share here. I'm grateful for your encouraging words, wise insight and the opportunity to join you on this journey. I pray for you and thank God for you!!

Today I'm asking Him to use my wonderings to make you think as well. May we each be intentional with our time and diligent with our gifts as we walk in a way that is worthy of our calling.

Finally some encouraging words that I just read this morning -

"This earthly chapter is not the end of the eternal story; the pain of death will one day be only a memory." Unknown

"Death is the golden key that opens the palace of eternity." John Milton

"Therefore, my dear brothers, stand  firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain." 1 Corinthians 15:58

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  1. "May we each be intentional with our time and diligent with our gifts as we walk in a way that is worthy of our calling."

    Great thoughts to continue to try to live out, Jill! Thanks for sharing your wonderings and wisdom with us!!!