Friday, March 21, 2014

What Happens When You Fall?

"Jill falls down, but she always gets back up!!" Those were the words a friend shared with the athletic trainer on our college basketball court. I had made a defensive move I'd made 1,000's of times, but my knee did something it had never done. My knee was swelling, the pain was growing and I needed help getting up after a fall. 

Eventually we found out I'd torn my ACL, but as I've thought about the devotional I'm sharing at the Encouragement Cafe (Read it HERE) I've found myself thinking about my friend's statement. She was right...I fell down on the basketball court - I like to think it was because of my hustle, but it may have been my lack of coordination. The reason for my falls really doesn't matter, but my actions following them are important.

Friend, let me ask you: What causes you to fall? Nineteen years have passed since I was falling on the gym floor, but life does trip me up - sometimes it's my mistakes, others it's my flesh and there are moments I stumble because of someone else's words. Would you agree, there are times life can knock us down. If so, read on...if not, thanks for stopping by!

During my basketball days it really didn't matter what caused me to fall, the important thing was getting back up. Friend that is even more true in life! I wonder if my friend would say the same about my falls in life? 

I want you to join me in thinking about the falls that compare to the one my injury caused...the ones we don't just bounce back up from, the times we need a helping hand. Friend, in those moments Someone is always there, the question is are we willing to ask and then receive the help that's offered? 

When you and I fall, because we will, may we remember Psalms 145:14, "The Lord upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down." In the Voice it says, "The Eternal sustains all who stumble on their way.  For those who are broken down,God is near. He raises them up in hope." 

Friend, when we fall God is present and has the power to help. The next time you find yourself falling down in the game of life, turn to Him, reach for His hand and let Him get you back on your feet! May all who are watching think, "She falls down, but God always gets her back up!!"

Below are words I penned a few years back as I reflected on a walk I'd shared with my young daughter...she was walking down our gravel road and I was walking through life.

"A Child's Walk"
The young girl sets out -
a smile on her face,
no worries on her mind
and joy in her heart.

As she wonders along 
her mind does the same -
it's easy to get distracted
watching the birds and butterflies
and it doesn't take long
to get lost in a daydream.

The distractions can cause pain,
but her mom is there to help
offering a hand when she falls
and a hug when she's hurt.

The young girl grows up
and the walk continues,
it's no longer down the sidewalk,
but, on the path of life.

Her actions remain the same
and distractions still exist -
the busyness of life
and the many roles she plays
cause her to stumble from time to time.

But God is there
and her Father won't let her fall -
He offers comfort when she's hurt,
guidance when she seeks,
and direction when she's lost.

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  1. I didn't know you were a poet too!! So many gifts tucked in one amazing woman. Thank you for the truths you shared today about the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father.