Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Preparing to Plant

We're starting to think spring here on the farm and that means one thing - planting!! Yesterday my husband wanted me to attend a meeting with him to get a better understanding of what they are doing and give my input on some decisions they need to make. I'll admit it wasn't the first thing on my to-do list, but when it was all said and done, I'm glad I went.

For awhile I felt like I was back in chemistry class as the presenter talked about nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium. I didn't understand all that back in high school and it still confuses me today!! But as they discussed preparing the soil for planting, God started talking to me. To my husband's surprise I even started taking some notes!! Later he found out they had more to do with preparing the soil of my heart and planting seeds of faith instead of writing about dirt and beans!

Friends, there is so much more to farming than filling a planter with seed, driving across the field and waiting for rain. They were learning about managing air and water in the soil, managing residue, using tillage, feeding the crop and growing more microbes. I still don't understand some of that, but that's OK because I do have a better appreciation for all my husband does and a little more knowledge.

Your interest in all of that is probably less than mine, but take a minute with me and think about the condition of the soil of your heart. Is it right for your faith to grow? What "type" of soil do you need? How can you improve it? What do you need to do in order to manage your soil so that your faith can really grow?

I don't have all the answers to these questions, but I know they are ones I will think about. God will bless me for digging into this and my faith will grow as my soil improves! Are you willing to do the same?

Just as there is so much more to growing corn and beans on the farm, I know I can do a better job in growing my faith and my children's. But just like my husband, it will take time, work and effort. I must be willing to learn, diligent and disciplined, but my friend may we remember a strong, growing faith is way more valuable than increasing our bushels per acre!!

What will you do today to improve your planting conditions? Please share I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

"Still other seed fell on good soil, 
where it produced a crop—a hundred, 
sixty or thirty times what was sown. 
Whoever has ears, let them hear.” 
Matthew 13:8-9

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