Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crying over spilt milk

Have your children ever spilt milk? Mine too. Have you ever spilt milk? Me too. But last night it wasn't just a glass, it was nearly a gallon. On the floor. Of my suburban. On the way to our church for prayer time for the upcoming women's event.

I was already a bit frazzled when I left home - I was running a bit behind and had left a mess in my kitchen, but as I turned out of the driveway, I intentionally turned the radio off and began to pray. I wanted to get my heart right and focus on the task in front of me instead of the work that would greet me when I returned. And I did.

Well until, I turned at the next corner. That's when the jug of milk I was delivering to a friend became an ocean of milk on my passenger floor. In a frustrated voice, I said out loud, "Are you kidding me?" I stopped the vehicle and sopped up as much as I could.

I started to drive away and wrong thoughts entered my mind ones like - "If I didn't have to deliver this milk it would not have happened. If my husband would have been in earlier to watch the kids I would not have been in a hurry. If I didn't have to go to this meeting, I would not have been doing this."

Thankfully God had heard my earlier prayers and reminded me to focus and shared some truth - "Jill, you offered to bring the milk. Hurrying doesn't help any situation. You're blessed to be a part of this ministry...you don't have to do it, you want to do it and I've called you to it."

I made it to the church, did some more cleaning and took part in the meeting. All the while I did OK with letting go of the mess and not dwelling on what I couldn't change anyway.

Then I came home, told my husband and gathered more cleaning supplies. He put the kids to bed and then came out to help. I simply stated, "This isn't quite how I expected to spend some time with you tonight." He kind of smirked and continued with his work.

Nearly two hours passed and we'd taken things apart that I didn't even know existed. Job had removed trim, lifted the flooring, unscrewed some wires and every time we found more milk. I'm praying we can get it all back together!

Never once did he utter negative words to me or share frustration about the work my mess had created. But as we crawled into bed those were the thoughts I had. I no longer considered blaming my friend, husband or the meeting, I was upset with myself.

Those feelings of frustration opened the door for Satan to share some more lies. And friend, I was quick to believe them. Lies like - You can't even deliver a jug of milk, how can you stand up and speak at a women's event? I became discouraged, full of doubt and felt unworthy. As the tears started to fall my husband asked what was wrong. He couldn't believe my mind could go so fast and this mishap could pull me down so far. (Women truly are different than men!!)

He went on to share what was true - this was an accident, it could be worse and we got it cleaned up. He assured me I was right, I can't do anything I need to do on my own, but if I depend on God and trust Him, He will do it. Job spoke encouraging words and I said to him, "I now know why this happened...God wanted to remind me of the gift He's given me in you."

If that lesson wasn't enough God had more to say - listening to one of Satan's lies is a bit like giving a mouse a cookie. If I entertain one, he's quick to give me ten more. Friend you and I must take every thought captive!!

Finally, He showed me I must continually remember who I am and find my identity in Christ alone. He is the ONE who defines me...not my mistakes or my messes and not my successes or accomplishments. As we cleaned, one of my favorite songs came on and Job said, "There's your buddy." I smiled and changed a few of Jason Gray's words, "When I've spilt the milk and made a big mess...remind me who I am..." I was doing that in fun, but as the night went on, God showed me that's exactly what I needed to do. Friend, whether we're in good times or bad, enjoying life or cleaning up a mess we must remember who He created us to be and then live like we believe Him!

Crying over spilt milk is something we're told not to do, but God had a reason for my tears and a lesson to share! Would you pray it's one I'll be quick to learn...I really don't want to experience this one again!!

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  1. I love how you mentioned how listening to Satan's lies is like if you give a mouse a cookie...then he will want to give you 10 more lies! It is amazing isn't it...how our minds can jump so far...from one mistake to we are worthless. SO glad God redirected your heart, reminded you of who you are in Him, AND blessed you through your hubby!

    Praying for this weekend! Love you!