Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More from the mess...

The other day I shared about a job I didn't want to do (you can read more by clicking HERE) - the quick version of the story is this: my potty training son had a mess in his pants and I didn't want to clean it up. Ever been there?

As I was in the process I was reminded I'm a mess and Jesus cleans me up...such a powerful truth!!

Son now more from the mess -

I was about to finish the job I didn't want to do and caught a glimpse of my little guy's grin, one that always melts my heart, so I gave him a hug, told him I loved him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

So what did my little guy do? He smirked, shared a quick giggle and wiped away my kiss. Right now that's the fun little thing he does; but as I watched him, God told me, "Jill, you do the same thing."

"I clean up your mess and show you I love you. Then I tell you you're beautiful and wrap my arms around you and what do you do? You push me away."

Friend, have you been there? You know God does wonderful things for you, but you don't feel worthy of receiving them? Or you confess your sin and then believe satan's lie that once God sees your mess He'll want nothing to do with you. Do you push Him away?

Can I encourage you a parent who cleans up my children's messes D-A-I-L-Y, I still love them. Their messes remind me they need me. Friend, God is the perfect parent, the One who created us...He knows our mess and sees it (sometimes before we even do) and He loves you and me! And because of these messes, ones we can't clean up on our own, He knows we need Him!

So, today would you embrace Him? Allow His love to fill you instead of wiping His kisses away!


  1. What a great picture of God's love, Jill! NOW to remember it!!

    Thanks for sharing. And keep it up. ;)

  2. So true! I know I wipe off His kisses so often. I remember one Sunday during praise and worship that the Lord impressed this on my heart..."Stop trying to talk Me out of loving you." Instead of just receiving His love, I am so bad to list out all of the reasons He shouldn't love me. But NOTHING can separate me from His love. I will NEVER be able to talk Him out of loving me. So I might as well quit doing it and start leaving those kisses right where He puts them. ;)

    Love ya!
    K :)