Sunday, May 15, 2011

"She's A Friend"

“She’s A Friend”
She’s a friend to the young girl
who feels out of place.
Her kind words and caring ways
welcome her.

She’s a friend to her daughter’s coach,
who’s in need of confidence.
Her thoughtfulness and reassurance
encourage her.

She’s a friend to the one
who is hurt.
Her compassionate heart and loving spirit
comfort her.

She’s a friend to the new Mom
who doesn’t know what to do.
Her honest example and Godly advice
guide her.

She’s a friend to the quiet girl
who’s afraid to open up.
Her shared struggles and admitted mistakes
strengthen her.

She’s a friend to the woman in her 30's
who has a fear of failure.
Her listening ear and their time together
change her.

She’s a friend to her daughter
who sometimes has doubts.
Her constant prayers and walk of faith
inspire her.

She is a friend to God
because she knows His Son.
Her helping hand and grateful heart
glorify Him.

A special thanks to all my friends out there!! You are each a blessing!!


  1. How thankful I am for the ones in my life who have shown me what true friendship looks like. :)

    Right now, I am especially thankful for the ones who are sticking by me in a time of transition...for those who aren't mad at me because I cannot call or talk as often since I am working...for those who go out of their way to make sure they give me a call because they love and miss me.

    Friends truly are a gift from the Lord. :)

    Beautiful post, friend. :)