Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Remember Who You Are

This past weekend at Rise and Shine, Lysa TerKeurst shared a story about one of her sons - the story was hard for her, a Mom, to tell and I’m sure if you could talk to her boy, it’s been one that’s been a challenge to live. You see a poor choice was made and now the consequences must be dealt with, but this story was meant for us all - daily each one of us makes thousands of choices!

As we make these choices, whether they are actions we carry out, thoughts we let enter our mind or words that leave our mouth, we must remember who we are. I’ve spent some time thinking about this (what it means for me and my kids) and have been reminded that before we can remember who we are, we have to know WHOSE we are!

When we know Whose we are, we have a better idea of who we are! So today I ask you, “Who are you?” How does remembering this help you? Strengthen you? Challenge you? Please share!

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