Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yesterday was the Rise and Shine Women's Retreat and now a day later, I find myself at a lack of words. Moments before the doors opened everyone who would be on stage gathered for final instructions and once they were given Lysa TerKeurst closed in prayer for the team.

She asked God to interrupt us and mess us up in the best sort of way! And now 24 hours later, I can say that prayer has been answered for at least one...

HE is messing with me...I am overwhelmed by all HE did...I am thankful for the privilege it was to be a part of something so good and so GOD!

The title of this post says it all...I am speechless, but as He helps me sort things out I promise to return and share more about a wonderful, wonderful day!

Until then a BIG thank you to each and every one of you who has been lifting the event, the team, Lysa, the attendees, everything in prayer! None of this could have happened without it!


  1. :) You went into this with an expectant heart, Jill...something God totally responds to! Cannot wait to hear more on how He is messing with you!

    Praise to our God who does exceedingly and abundantly more than we can think of or ask for.

    Love you,

  2. Sweet, sweet Jill... thank you for your kind encouragement both in this post and in the comment you left on my blog today. I appreciate you so very much.

    Now... why in heavens didn't you tell me about your book this weekend. I would have loved to promote it to the women at Rise and Shine! I didn't know about it until I read Renee's blog. It sounds like such a profound and lovely book.

    I wish you lived down the street from me! Or maybe I should say down the pasture... smiles!