Sunday, November 7, 2010

Worth Remembering

The other day I sat down with my notes from Rise and Shine and was blessed by the time of reflection. I also realized there were many points worth remembering! I have to believe they just might be beneficial for you as well, so below you will find 10 key points and quotes that Lysa TerKeurst shared with us -

* "Let God write your kids' testimony." That is so true and so important and as a Mom who wants the best for my kids' I know sometimes it will also be hard, but He is trustworthy!

* "Remember who you are!" A child of the Creator of the world. A daughter of the King! A girl who is loved, forgiven, chosen and blessed!!

* "I don't have to...I am able to." All too often it's easy to lose perspective and look at my never ending to do list in a negative way, but really God is giving me opportunities to shine for Him in the daily, mundane, ordinary events of the everyday.

* "Don't build the stability of your identity on the fragility of other's choices." Wow, that says a lot! All too often I define myself by what others say, my kid's behavior or the actions of others which I have no control over. When really my identity is in Christ alone!!

* "God created us to be not do." I led a breakout reflection group and one of the gals commented on this by saying, "Isn't it easier to do than be? God asks me to lead a Bible study...OK, but then He asks me to sit with Him for 20 minutes and I don't have time." Again another quote that provides a perspective check. I must strive to do what's important to God - the doing will flow out of the being!

* "Never give up!!" Lysa shared about her Bible friend, a gal who at a time drove her crazy, but in the end one who God used to speak truth into her life. People need to hear and when God prompts me to share, I must. The planting and watering is my responsibility, God will do the growing.

* "God changes us when we obey." So so true. I sat there as the day came to an end and marveled at all God had done and I was blessed to be a part of it. For me the amazing thing was though the day was wonderful, God really had taught me just as much in the journey.

* "Feelings are indicators not dictators." Feelings can lie, mine often do! They may indicate a problem, but they should never be the basis for a decision or alter my thoughts about a situation or even myself.

* "God doesn't need prayer, I do." True, true, true!! Prayer was a huge part of Rise and Shine and now as I reflect on it, I know God heard us and answered us. But I'd never heard this statement before and God has proven the truth of these words in my life - I need prayer, I need time with HIM!!

* "Make peace with reality." The truth is none of us live in the perfect world and none of us have had the ideal life - bad things have happened, poor decisions have been made and times have been tough and no matter what I do, I can't change what's been done nor can I change anyone but myself. But daily I can become more, I can choose to seek HIM, serve HIM, see HIM and believe matter the circumstance, the reality is HE is there and that's a reality I can make peace with!!

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  1. Excellent points to remember. :) For me today, the big one would be focusing on the fact I am ABLE to do the mundane tasks before me instead of being all blah about having to do those things. :) Always good to get a little attitude adjustment...especially on a Monday morning!

    Thanks for sharing these, Jill.
    K :)