Friday, October 29, 2010

My Mentor and Me

Hello to all of you visiting from Renee’s blog; thanks for taking the time to stop by!

Today I want to take a minute and share what my mentor, aka my spiritual mom, and me are up to - the two of us are blessed to be part of the Rise and Shine Women’s Retreat Team and the event we’ve been planning and preparing for takes place tomorrow!! Very exciting!

Yesterday morning I thought about the days to come - the work, the stress, the joy, the excitement! The more I thought the faster my mind began to race and then God slowed me down. I simply went and sat alone (in a house with 4 little ones that doesn’t happen too often!!) with HIM! As I did that He filled me with His peace and calmed my spirit.

But in that time He did even more, He reminded me - He reminded me of what this is all about - HIM!! He reminded me of where He’s brought me. He reminded me of people He’s used in my life. He reminded me He is in control and if we are willing and available He can use us. He reminded me He is so good!! He reminded me He is BIG and I am small; I am weak, but HE is strong! I was reminded He is a giver and my relationship with Him is such a gift.

I closed that part of my day truly feeling blessed! Because I am, but before I got up to really start the day I took a moment to pray. I asked God to keep me in that place…not just in the days leading up to Rise and Shine, but always! Day in and day out, I am blessed, loved and strengthened because of HIM. It’s true every weekend doesn’t hold the excitement and anticipation of this one, but still HE is there. The circumstances change but He does not!

Just yesterday I received a note in the mail full of compliments about the book and the impact it made on this specific reader. I was touched by her words and appreciated them so much, but her closing comment is what really struck me. She said, “I hope to find Him (Christ) someday the way that you have.”

Like I said her words have impacted me, actually in two ways - 1) I am committed to pray for this gal - specifically that she will know Christ in a very personal and powerful way and 2) I don’t ever want to take my relationship with Christ for granted - it is not something everyone has and it is not by my doing - He chose me!!

Friend, thank you for visiting today! I pray you’ve been blessed and I pray you are encouraged to make an impact in the life of another. I also pray you’ve been reminded of the value of your relationship with Jesus Christ! At the same time if this talk has you wanting to know more please feel free to contact me I’d love to share more.


  1. So excited to see you over at Renee's today! :) :) :)

    I think I have told you this a gazillion times now (okay...I may exaggerate...10 or 12 times) but I am praying for you and for tomorrow and for Lysa and for all of the precious hearts showing up hungering for the Lord!!!

    K :)

  2. Hi Jill. I left a comment over on your rise and shine blog, but wanted to here as well. I can't wait to get your book. It is so funny to me that the one amazingly phenomenal spiritual mentor I have been blessed with, her name is LeAnn as well. So I will be getting a copy for her too! Thank you for writing this book. It would fit that earlier today my blog post reflects powerful words my spiritual mentor spoke into my life, then I bounced over to Renee Swopes blog and saw your post! He is awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!