Friday, July 17, 2009


Evening comes
& a storm may rage,
but morning breaks
& the sun will rise.
Rains may fall
& clouds can form,
but the sun shines
& lights the day.

The world grew dark
& pain was inflicted,
but three days passed
& the Son rose.
Struggles surround us
& hard times hurt,
but the Son still shines
& lights our way.

We will suffer
& get knocked down,
but God will strengthen
& we will rise.
The world is cold
& needs God's love
so we must shine
& share His light.


  1. I like you poem, girl! LIKE IT!

    When I saw, Rise N Shine, I was like, 'No Way.' In my journal this morning, the first line reads..."Rise and Shine and give God the glory."

    How are you feeling?
    Are you doing a Speaker eval group? If so, do you know whose you're in?

  2. AMEN Jill!!!
    Rise & shine & give God the glory!!

    Love the pics of you & your kids! Beautiful and handsome...

  3. Are you going to read this at the Rise & Shine Retreat?!?! :)