Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not True Yet

I was reading Jennifer Rothschild's book, Self Talk Soul Talk, and a topic in the last chapter really has me thinking. She had spent sometime talking about the importance of looking back and recalling memories. She spoke of the importance of the good and the bad, but her focus was on looking at what God had done.

I couldn't agree with her more. I'm one who loves to reflect and whenever I do, I am constantly amazed at how God is putting the pieces of my life together.

But at the same time I'm struggling with the topic she closed the chapter with - looking ahead. It's not bad to look ahead, at times it is quite necessary, but her thoughts revolved around the idea of worry, which is something I have a tendancy to do.

She shared a conversation where the gal talked about the time we waste as we focus on things that are not true and even those that are not true yet. I feel like I've been in that place for the last week.

Some events are taking place that I don't understand and it appears all signs point to possible difficulty down the road. I've been in this place before, which in a way makes it even worse because I think I know what is to come.

Which brings me back to her words about things that are "not true yet." It can be hard to just rest in his peace when it seems pain is right around the corner, but yet I know God will work through the good and the bad.

So even though it's not true yet, like my husband said, "It's not true now" and we must be thankful for that. And regardless of what lies ahead, I know, because I've looked back, that God will carry me through.


  1. Praying that you will feel the peace of God within regardless of what is to come. This chapter was a tough one for me to swallow...I still haven't posted yet. God Bless, Stacy

  2. It's hard for me too. I too am a worrier. This book is helping me a lot. I really admire Jennifer. she is such an inspiration.

    Glad to walk this journey with you.

  3. I am thinking I worry less than I used to. Looking back, the things I have worried about in the past weren't as bad as I thought they'd be, and, like you, God saw me through all of the bad things that have happened.

    Worrying has never changed or improved the outcome of any situations or problems in my life. I was wondering if you are being attacked by Satan because of the upcoming conference you are planning, and the book you have co-authored being published.

    God bless you, and give you peace,


  4. I think worry might be my second language.

    Love your post about win or lose...I see the value of a loss but still...the pain hurts!!

    I just noticed you are all J's...cute!

  5. "And regardless of what lies ahead, I know, because I've looked back, that God will carry me through."

    That's the part that you need to hold onto. And it's definitely the part that is most valuable in looking back. There never seems to be a shortage of 'pending doom' (especially if you pay much attention to the news these days); but knowing that God has brought us through all kinds of difficulties in the past--from within and without--lets us trust in Him to do it again.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  6. It is hard not to worry about something that seems like a familar road we've already walked, but knowing God has carried us through before can prepare us. I have a friend at church who was just sharing that something is going to change they just aren't sure what path to take.

    I'm still not posted yet on this subject. Still pondering.

    Pray that you will rest in Him.