Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In need of rest...

It is once again Tuesday, time for Lelia's study on Jennifer Rothschild's book Self Talk, Soul Talk. This week we're looking at the idea of rest for our soul and what a timely topic that is.

It seems the last ten days have been filled with some unexpected events. Really it's not events as it's an isolated matter, but it's one that has consumed my thoughts. My mind has been taken over by the what if's, worries and fears of where this might lead.

The other night as we turned off the lights, I told my husband I wished I could turn off my mind. If it was only that easy - flip a switch and the thinking stops. But it seems to have the opposite effect, I turn the lights off and the speed of my mind only seems to pick up. So once again these Yes to God Tuesdays are just what I need.

It is obvious my soul needs to chill out!! Jennifer reminded me that I have control over this - this "kind of rest is a decision." Wow, that is big! I can't let my mind control me, I have to control it. And sometimes that means choosing to shut it off.

How can I do this? I think she answered that question with these words, "Our souls ultimately find rest in God." I have to turn to him and realize my need for the rest only he provides.

So tonight when I turn out the lights, I'll start talking to Him rather than listening to myself. I know He will provide just what I need - rest, wonderful rest...not just for the body, but more importantly for my soul.


  1. This chapter was very timely for me as well. Looking for some soul rest!

  2. I just published my post, and went to see if Lelia put the link up. Since she hasn't, I clicked on your link from last week. I had trouble gathering my thoughts. Your thoughts were expressed so well!

    These chapters have been timely. I'm glad it was a blessing to you this time.

    Praying for rest for you,


  3. I so understand your expressed desire to have a switch for our brains! I can be beyond exhausted and the minute my head hits the pillow, rapid fire thoughts begin. Praying that you will be able to soon experience that peaceful "rest" that can only come from the goodness of our God.

  4. Oh it is so true that we need to be disciplined in this area... as in many others. But this one, giving my soul rest, is really big for me. When I don't I sink back into depression. It is really hard to catch, and much of the time I don't catch it until I am already struggling with depression.
    Thanks for your thoughts!
    God bless,

  5. Hey Sweet Jill,

    Great to be with you MN gals this weekend!

    Hey- I served a hot dish this week. Only I chickened out and still called it a casserole. sigh!

    Have a great week... and yes, let that soul of yours rest. Great post.

    Hugs to you~

  6. I have often found myself looking for that switch too. I hope you are finding the rest in your soul you need.